Using the State Machinery for Unjust Ends: UP Govt Order

How to Use Power to Serve Personal Ends! MFA to the Judiciary

The case against 13 accused, and the now Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, under section 188 of the IPC, has been ‘ordered’ to be withdrawn. The law is blind and is the same for all.

As a matter of procedure, and having due regard for the process of law, the Yogi government has taken a move that is not one that calls for the public applause.

The case was registered against Yogi and his several confidants who hold key positions in the new government. Yogi ji and his co-accused also did not appear before the court when the summons were issued. The matter is one of disobedience to the orders of the DM of Gorakhpur, for preventing the accused from conducting a rally in the Pipiganj sub-urb. The accused, despite the orders defied the law, and held a rally, against which the officers then, registered a case against Yogi ji and his co-accused, the most important being Shiv Pratap Shukla (now Minister of State for Finance at the Centre), Sheetal Pandey (BJP MLA from Sahajanwa), being booked under the prohibitory orders.

Yet, they chose to not appear before the magistrate. Back in time with their defiant attitude, they tried to pose as being above the law, and today, this assumes a different meaning which is not one expected from the people holding such important constitutional offices.

Our PM Narendra Modi, never tried to meddle in any of the cases filed against him relating to the Godhra riots. There have been several other leaders who have not abused the process of the law to serve their personal motives, like Mulayam Singh ji, and Ms J Jayalalitha, and others.

The move is not one that calls for a public applause, the offence being petty, the accused should have appeared and instead of calling the proceedings a sham, and disrespecting the law, the must have appeared before the Court, while they must have been given a token punishment, and the case must have concluded.

Yogi must understand the foreseeable consequences of using the legislative process to bypass the judiciary. This makes a mockery of the entire process of the law enforcement, while making a select few above the law.

The move is strictly not in line with the general public sentiment who wishes to see their leaders in the positive lights, and not in negative shadows.



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