Yogi government painted Lucknow’s Haj House saffron


The BJP government in Uttar Pradesh has painted the exterior of Lucknow’s Haj House of saffron color. The Haj House is a place where the Haj pilgrimage actually starts, including staffed with officials who inspect and facilitate documents for travel to Mecca. The color saffron is commonly associated with Hinduism, and most significantly, with the Sangh Parivar of which the BJP is a part. A part of Muslims and some opposition parties have objected to the Haj House exterior being painted saffron.

Yogi government’s one Muslim minister found no objection on this matter. “There is no need for controversy in such things, saffron is an energetic and bright looking color, the building looks beautiful. Opposition has no big issues against us so they raise inconsequential things,” said Mohsin Raza, a minister in the UP government. The Bharatiya Janata Party is on an initiative in UP to paint buildings saffron. They have painted in the BJP’s color on the secretariat annex building that covers the offices of chief minister Adityanath and top bureaucrats. The Yogi government also rolled out saffron-colored buses in September. The department of energy also decided to paint electric pole saffron. Also, the information department’s official site and booklet are colored alike.


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