Godse killed Gandhi, no mystery man theory, Supreme Court was told


The Supreme Court was told today there is no proof to prove that Mahatma Gandhi was killed by a mysterious man. While making the suggestions, the amicus curiae said that Gandhi killed by Nathuram Godse and there’s no truth in mystery man theory. He further added that the four bullet theory put onward by the petitioner is also not correct.

He added that the foreign agency was behind the murder of Gandhi is also wrong and it is baseless. The foreign agency theory is not authenticated by any proof, the amicus curiae Amrendra Sharan told the Supreme Court. The bench is hearing a petition filed by the founder of ‘Abhinav Bharat’ Pankaj Phadnis, who questioned the three-bullet theory in the Mahatma Gandhi’s murder. Following rejected by the Bombay High Court, Phadnis approached the apex court. He said in his petition that “The investigation into the murder of Gandhi represents the biggest cover-up in the history of India. The blame on Marathi people in general and Veer Savarkar in particular for being the cause of the death has no basis in law and facts. On the other hand, there is a compelling need to uncover the larger conspiracy behind the murder by constituting a new Commission of Inquiry”.

Asking a fresh probe into the assassination, he alleged that “most newspapers throughout the world” reported that four bullets were fired at Gandhiji and that the “fourth bullet has remained a mystery all along”.


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