Patriotism on the Sleeve: SC & Govt On National Anthem Row

The issue is to make Indians more Indianised

Saare Jahan Se Accha Hindustan Hamara, one would love to cherish this song whenever and wherever, and the occasions which celebrate the establishment and conduct of swaraj in this land is a living example of the moment when we as Indians rejoice to all the patriotic tunes.

The narrative regarding the deviance of the society from patriotism got a new push in the aftermath of the surgical strikes conducted against Pakistan in the year 2015, and the more aggravated form arose when the note-ban incident happened.

The people were explaining that if one loves their country, then any sacrifice for the motherland is falling for short of pay the gratitude to this land. The Right wing, which currently rules the country not only at the Centre, but in states and civic bodies, is depicted by its rigourous stand on nationalism.

The nationalist sentiment is the one which has gained prominence in India, today, because most of the past has been maligned by various leaders at various times, who did not pay much heed to building a sense of patriotism in the masses.

The Right wing gets is fuel to pour into the debate of nationalism vs contempt for one’s land because the dominant political narrative has been about divisive political agendas gaining ground in caste, religion or gender divides. The famous Mandal and post Mandal politics divided the society and catalysed the ‘caste-wars’ which have not been able to loose the spotlight.

The more gloomy scenario comes from the brain drain that India today faces in every economic aspect of life due to the socialistic pattern of society, which made the masses walk-away from the welfare state.

The successive governments, though have been trying to work towards the betterment of the masses, yet there has always been something that has remained unfulfilled.

It is often said these days that patriotism is only to be seen when India plays a cricket match against Pakistan, or when there is a Facebook debate going on, yet nobody dares to remark that when the people dirty the public places, or fight with the law enforcement, play fraud on the taxman, and when they struggle for their livelihood they are unpatriotic.

The definition of patriotism has been simply defined as love for their country. The Supreme Court, in its order of 30th November, 2016, wherein a bench of the current CJI Dipak Misra and Justice Amitava Roy, directed all the cinema halls to play the national anthem.

The order was questioned by a sitting judge of the Supreme Court, Justice DY Chandrachud, where he simply said that the society goes to a cinema hall for undiluted entertainment which must not be meddled with by preaching a lesson of patriotism, as it isn’t a rule to wear patriotism on their sleeve.

The Government of India yesterday moved an application before the Supreme Court, requesting it to order status quo ante, and let the issue be decided by a joint committee which has been constituted by the government to suggest ways of implementing the order in other ways, or read into its impact.

The move of the Government needs a perspective which the Court try to bring to the fore, it is the dissociation of the masses from the motherland, which needs to be addressed to make people more nation oriented over other matters.

India first-Patriotism on the sleeve.


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