Organ donors in Pune outnumbered by number of recipients on waiting list

Organ donation

Pune registered 56 organ donations in 2017, still the number of recipients in the waiting list continues to outnumber the number of organ donations in the city.

As per the Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee (ZTCC), Pune branch, in 2017 there were total 56 organ donations which includes 79 kidney donations, 53 liver donations, two donations of kidney and pancreas with 9 heart donations. Yet after this huge amount of recipients in the waiting list continues to increase with doctors emphasizing on the need for more people for coming forward and opt for organ donation.

According to the statistics available with the ZTCC, currently, there are almost 780 people in the waiting list for kidney transplant list, 280 in the liver transplant list, 13 for heart and 30 for kidney and pancreas. This report is enough to highlight the deficiency in the number of organs donated and the ever-increasing waiting list.

As per reports in 2017, Pune was second in the state with 56 organ donations, whereas in 2016, the city was at number one in the state with 58 organ donations. The total number of organ donations in 2015 was as low as 16 in Pune which grew ominously to 58 in 2016.

Aarti Gokhale, central coordinator of Pune’s ZTCC, said, “In the past two years, the body had worked extensively, both in public and private hospitals.” She said, “Earlier, when we visited hospitals to sensitise people about organ donations, we found that most people did not have any clue about it. Many transplant coordinators said that they had trouble when they talked to relatives of brain dead patients about organ donation. They said most had trouble accepting the idea.”

Gokhale added, “We started conducting regular medical education programmes for the hospital staff, especially the intensivists (a physician with advanced training and experience in treating critical illnesses). This may have resulted in the increased number of organ donations.”

With a opinion to continue to generating awareness regarding organ donations, many hospitals have been accompanying various programmes in the city that emphasizes on the importance of organ donation.

Recently, Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital felicitated both living donors and deceased donor families, who saved lives of the needy with end stage kidney, liver and heart disease. The families of deceased donors were praised for their unselfishness for turning their moments of personal disaster into an occasion for saving lives.

Lt Gen Dr Akhil Nagpal, chief of clinical services at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital said, “There is still severe deficiency in the number of organs donated and the ever-expanding waiting list. The decision taken by people for donating their organs must be lauded and many more should join this social movement.”

21-year-old brain dead patient saves three lives

A 21-year-old brain dead patient aided save the lives of at least three people as he donated all his organs. The patient donated his two kidneys and one liver to save lives. The recovery of the organs was done at Sassoon General Hospital (SGH) making it the first recovery of the year for the government-run medical establishment.

According to information from the officials of Sassoon General Hospital, the 21-year-old donor died of brain damage after suffering from an electric shock. A statement was released by the hospital which says, “The boy was admitted at Sassoon General Hospital since January 3 and was declared brain dead on January 6. The medical staff and doctors at the hospital convinced his family to donate his vital organs to save three more lives.”

“In the past one and half years, Sassoon General Hospital witnessed six organ retrievals, among which three were women and three were men. The major operation of retrieval as well as donation happened for free at Sassoon General Hospital giving respite to economically-challenged families.” The dean of BJ Medical College, Ajay Chandanwale, said.

On Saturday, the recovered kidney was donated to Sassoon General Hospital, while the other organ was given to Aditya Birla Hospital in Pune. The liver was also taken to Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital in Pune.

Doctors at Sassoon General Hospital said, “The 40-year-old recipient at Sassoon General Hospital who received the kidney was in a critical stage as both his kidneys were not functional anymore.”


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