SC: Govt Accommodation for Ex-CMs and PMs and Presidents?

Credits- Times of India

The Supreme Court today took notice of the fact while hearing a petition against the legislative order of the Akhilesh Yadav Government, which gave the luxury of government bungalows to the ex-CM.

The Supreme Court while stressing that it was going beyond the scope of the present matter, asked the Central and State governments to openly put forth their views on the matter, as there are other states and central rules to the same effect.

The basic point that comes before us, and the stakeholders in the system, is, that why do people who withdraw good salaries, and then if they are not elected again, survive on benefits, be entitled to an added expenditure on the government exchequer that too when the peopleĀ  rejected their tenure through the ballot.

The question of moral integrity and financial prudence, would promote the sense of a total dissociation from the state exchequer till they are elected again.

The holding of government bungalows is a common feature with the MPs, MLAs, and not to mention those who have had cabinet ranks. The ministers develop an attachment with their status as being on the payroll of the state and the Chief Ministers, Prime Ministers, and the Presidents or Governors, do not appear to be eligible for any government bungalow once they have demitted the office.

The need rests in the status and life-long comfort at the expense of the State, and enjoying a prime property at a prime location that could not have fitted in the means of a legislator’s salary.

The government’s will come forward with arguments from all corners, while nobody will focus on the pressing need to provide them with an accommodation in a government bungalow.

The issue will have to be expanded to far limits where the parties must also disclose that why does one, who has held an august office, feel himself entitled to a government bungalow.

The government properties anyway require a very serious restructuring exercise, as there is a shortage of land for offices of the government departments, while the governments lease offices at high costs in commercial locations, the prime located government bungalow, that is being maintained out of the public money shall be put to some better use, over allotting the same to a dignitary who lost his office.



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