The 69th Republic Day and the Republic

The people who sacrificed for us, definitely did not want a Republic of this kind.

Today, the Indian Republic woke up to the 69th Republic Day.

The Indian Republic was formed with a conviction that the People of India will remain the fate masters of this land, while the people who will run the system will try to weave into this republic the credentials that our republic never had.

Today, after celebrating 69 days commemorating this Republic, we wonder and ask ourselves, whether this the place where we wanted to grow up, or we would be happier in a place which offered nothing but peace!

Today, India is a place where there is a lack of organization, the people have not been united and there isn’t any cement that binds them together. The people who took to working our Constitution, have abused it time and again which is evident when we see that the financially sound quarters of this country tried to take the State to task for not providing them reservations in government jobs.

India remains a place where the world of ‘post-truth’ looms a threat upon the safety of each and every one of us who live here, because the rage and fury that the social media is fanning today, is not the outcome of any person, but the result of the policies being pursued by the ones ruling us for years.

The India, as it is today, is not one of individual identification of the citizen, or even terming the citizens uniting as one against the state, but it is the idea of caste/ community identity. The collective strength that the citizens after organizing themselves into a group of ‘disadvantaged’ people reaps high dividends and is also very divisive in nature. This is why we find people like Jignesh Mewani who are not very authentically nation-oriented but power-centric people further dividing people.

The lack of competitiveness has now become a common feature of  the Indian economy, which is marred by non-performance, and other maladies. The Indians who were adventurous have been forced to look for employment, which is a scarcity. The businesses are not in good shape.

This Republic Day, India also woke up to  a movie that just got so much of attention from the media, the State, the Courts, and the Politicians, yes it is ‘Padmavat’ which is still the issue that is being followed in the news.

The Republic today that we have is confused between the meaning of Secularism, and the opposition feels that only by espousing the cause of Muslims, Christians and other Religious minorities is secularism!

The people who have not seen the real days and the ideals have brought the Indians to the same days of 1947 which had no clarity and the rulers dictated the citizens only out of fear.

Though today, Mr Modi enjoys the popular support of the people, and has been impressing people with his vision for India, the groundwork needed to work the fault in the Indian fraternity seem to have been facing a neglect under his regime too.

Let us hope we wake up to a better Indian Republic on the 70th Republic Day.



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