The Caste Patronization Needs to End

Irony of Rajput Pride.

With Karni Sena grabbing the spotlights and Mr Jignesh Mewani calling the status of the scheduled castes in India as deplorable, the patronization of castes by political parties needs to come to an end.

Since Narendra Modi assumed office in 2014, India has witnessed several caste agitations demanding something or the other. The stirs began from Jats in Haryana trying to muscle-flex the Khattar government, and then spread to Patels and Brahmins in Gujarat.  The recent Gujarat elections saw a Dalit saga rising up to the fore and giving a walk over to Jignesh Mewani to the legislative assembly.

The loudest caste assertion and muscle flexing has been that has been done by the Karni Sena of Thakur Kalvi and Surya Pal Singh Amu. The Karni Sena threatened not just the cinema hall owners, but the entire governments of various states with stir over Rajput pride being traded for money and entertainment.

The movie, Padmaavt/i got unprecedented publicity under the loud protests of Karni Sena. The extent and the support from various governments shook the Constitutional machinery.

The caste plays, but a very important role in the Indian political scenario. The various quarters and math that applies to the possibilities of the candidates’ winning an election, are purely reliant on the caste combination of votes.

The Indian political discourse before BJP also was defined by caste and communal considerations.

Today, it was the Karni Sena that tried to blot the image of India, y staging protests and riots across India, some other organization may do it some other day.

With the advent of liberalisation, and a shift towards capitalism today, the Indian political narrative must be about class friction and segregation over castes.

The dominant castes of the yester years are the deprived classes today, while the deprived ones are dominant.

This pattern will result in deeper caste divide, thus at the right time, specially when the tax compliance becomes the new normal, the Indian governments must implement the class based social support system.

The blunt patronisation of a caste and its struggles must be done away with through a common consensus to promote nation building over community building.

The seeds that we sow today will reap rich dividends in the future, and there may be a stable sociological equation than the one we have today.

The incidents like Karni Sena must not be allowed to brew in the future as they divide the masses purely on hypothetical schisms that do not exist in reality. The works of literature, art and culture are beyond the divide that humans create.

It is not about any Utopia that we are trying talk about here but, it is just what the  world deserves. A nation.


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