Bisexuality added another layer to Khilji’s complex personality, says Ranveer Singh


The superstar Ranveer Singh, who is receiving miraculous reviews for his latest film Padmaavat, has lastly ended his self-imposed silence on the film and his character, Sultan Alauddin Khilji. While giving one of his interviews with Mid-Day, Singh talked about his role of Alauddin Khilji in Padmaavat.

“I was apprehensive about taking up the role as it was a big risk. Sanjay Sir (Bhansali, director) laid out the cards right at the start and told me that my character is bisexual, so I could make an informed choice. I think the bisexuality added another layer to Khilji’s complex personality; it was a complete dismantling of a traditional moral compass,” Singh said. The actor added that “But, this is a profession where taking big risks defines people. People I look up to —Johnny Depp, Daniel Day-Lewis and Steve Jobs – they are all mavericks and I find myself drawn to their spirit”.

In an earlier interview with HT, Singh talked how he prepared for the role and said that “I did prep [for it] the way I usually do for my other films. I locked myself up for three weeks. I worked on various aspects [of the character] because this is not a character that I can relate to. I don’t have that kind of greed, manipulation or ambition in me. I had to do a lot of study to generate that conviction [in me] that there are people, who think that way. To understand his worldview took a little bit of processing on my part but I created the foundation and then Sanjay sir freestyled with the character. It was a big risk to take up such a character and it’s wonderful to see my gamble pay off. Such validation also gives me the confidence to take bigger risks, challenge stereotypes and push the envelope further”.

Bhansali’s command has helped the 32-year-old actor in several previous collaborations too. “In Bajirao Mastani (2015), he was very hands off but this time, he was very hands-on, so it’s very fulfilling experience now that the film has finally got a release and the kind of things people are saying about my performance and the response that I am getting. God knows that I had my share of struggles while I was doing it but today, I just feel very fulfilled, and above all, happy for Mr. Bhansali because he is the one who had the vision and he fought for it,” the actor added.

The Bhansali’s magnum opus also stars Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor, which is making quite a moolah at the box office. Till now, the film has earned Rs 110 crore at the domestic box office. Padmaavat is all set to enjoy a dream run at the box office for another week as Akshay Kumar’s Padman will release by February 9.


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