Kasganj Riots: A Perspective

"I wish I got to have some tea and samosas" Credits- ANI

Beyond the debate that is encircling the riots whether they are communally tainted or not, there is another question that neither the Left, nor the Centre nor the Right is able to openly talk about.

The people who live in India, are known as Indians. Why is it then some people choose to identify themselves distinctly? When we talk about instilling patriotism, then people who belong to the well to do sections of the society question, ‘do we need to wear patriotism on our sleeves?’.

The entire charade of the secular (only in theory) media rests on the talk about whether the Muslims in Kasganj feel secure or not, while the rest of us, who don’t believe in certain lines of thought begin to think, why actually kasganj happened?

The author read reports prepared by established media houses, and reports made from all hues of biases that the media, vernacular or not may carry. The reports clearly tried to hide one fact that the violence erupted purely because of one incident that actually brings this author after a long time to discuss politics again.

The incident that happened was, the ABVP brigade was shouting ‘Vande Mataram’,’Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ amidst the loud background score of our National Anthem. Yes, the same song starting with “Jana Gana Man…”, which also plays in some theaters now. At this blunt show of patriotism, on the Republic Day, our Muslim brethren in the Mohalla of Kasganj, felt so infuriated, or rather penetrated, that they took it to be an infiltration bid in their territory!

This became the cause of action and all the natives began stone pelting, wait, this was followed by halting the motorcade and pressuring them to shut the loudspeakers, and over the heated argument things began to deteriorate. Again, the people who were trying to use force to halt the procession, were by chance the victim community in India, that has never threatened Hindus with their lives.

The harsh tone, is just for those readers who generalise on every equation. I don’t want to offend the number of peaceful Hindus and Moslems who live in harmony. Though, some people may never have noticed that whenever India loses to Pakistan, some Moslem ghetto celebrates the occasion while rest of the India mourns the loss.

It is for all those radical minds who live in India, enjoy their lives in India, but find Indianism as offensive as insult to their Prophet.

The ABVP motorcade is actually fun and exciting to see, and nobody in normal course of things would haveĀ  felt offended, while our brother Moslems felt so bruised that they had to take down to mob violence, and kill a man.

Amazingly, the media would never talk about the way the minority behaves, but the majority needs to be tamed. While, even Austin and the Quran believes that social discourse is a two way process.

Let us try to bring the Moslems in the fold of Indian people, over sending them to Pakistan, because there is a need for the minority to sensitize their beliefs and emotions on certain topics.


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