Chai-Samosa in SC and Leave for HC Judge


When Justice Kurian Joseph walked in to attend the launch of SCBA Times, a newsletter by the Supreme Court Bar Association, all eyes hovered around the venue to find Justice(s) Chelameshwar, Gogoi and Arun Mishra.

While Justice Kurian Joseph and MB Lokur were present, the Chief Justice had the occasion to shake hands with them and spend some leisurely moments with the Law Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, and CJI Dipak Misra.

In another development, the Lucknow High Court Judge, Shri Narayan Shukla, was sanctioned a leave for 90 days. The judge had been found guilty of passing favourable orders while deciding the GCRG Medical College case, which was also similar to that of the Prasad Institute case.

While the Prasad Institute case, saw the CBI putting up the name of Judge Shukla as an accused, which was denied by the CJI, the act to set the house in order has been already done.

While Judge Shukla is on leave, and will not be assume office again most likely, the impasse at the Supreme Court which followed after the press conference on 12th of January, 2018, may not have cooled down.

The media might be rushing over to click shots of Justice Dipak Misra and Lokur, and Joseph enjoying the high tea at the event, the absence of Justice Chelameshwar, Gogoi and Arun Mishra has something sufficient to say.

While the Supreme Court judges have been functioning normally, there is no further comment from any  of the  judges involved in the impasse. While the public onslaught of the judiciary has been afforded no explanations yet, there is only one incident whereby the judiciary may declare that the impasse is resolved.

The issue of favourable allotment of cases, and deeper alleged irregularities have not been discussed in the public domain, but the overall equation between the CJI and the other judges does not seem to have settled on a pleasant note.

Justice Chelameshwar was learnt to have openly declared that he will not be vying for any future assignments from the government as he is to retire this year. This signaled his reservations about some events which he is possibly  not able to share nor resolve.

The impasse though may have settled for now, and the judges trying to undo the doing, yet there is a possibility that not just because of personal issues something had to blow out of proportions.

The SCBA Times, is another opinion builder that will voice the  Bar, and the Bench may  also communicate within the community and seek to address all the issue that need to be addressed.

While the judges enjoyed their chai and samosa, the media took turns to frame the judges and the law minister together, which is more than enough for the aam aadmi to believe ‘all is well’.



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