Lokniti-CSDS Mood of The Nation Survey: Inside Story

Modi remains the preferred choice of the nation.

Ahead of the full budget of the Narendra Modi led BJP government, the Lokniti-CSDS a research foundation conducted a survey for the ABP News, to bring out the ground realities of what is the mood of the nation today.

Amazingly, the survey which was conducted across India has sought responses over a varied level of questions which have been answered by the respondents to the Questionnaire of the CSDS.

The most important feature of the CSDS survey is the it gauged the general perception of the voters in India. The scales tilted in favour of Narendra Modi, who triumphed as people’s favourite, and not just in the Hindi heartland but in the eastern part of the country.

The NaMo is known to have reduced political bastions to zero and based on the current popularity of his leadership, the fortunes for the  BJP seem to be bright in the future, where they may garner as much as 50-54% support from Indians exercising their franchise in the Lok Sabha polls.

Also, the survey included the response on economic conditions of the economy. This is the most tricky part of the survey because the people have expressed divergent opinions on the questions relating to the economic scenario.

There is not much popularity attached to demonetisation but GST implementation has had some approval from the people.

There is further appreciation for the international diplomacy, Pakistan and China issues and Kashmir issue. Thus, the only problem remains the economy, which the government accepts will grow slowly, and will soar in a while.

The survey also tried to draw a contrast between RaGa and NaMo, while NaMo is 44% popular in the country, RaGa is just 9% popular.

This will also make us think, whether people want to see NaMo coming back to power, the answer is a yes. Despite the confusion over the economic affairs of the country, the majority population wants to see him as the PM.

The lower sections, of both urban and rural areas alongwith the Dalits have also shown a positive shift towards the BJP, and the penetration of the BJP to the far regions of the country has increased by 29% (approx).

This survey, indicating the mood of the nation, assures the BJP that they will be voted back to power if elections are held today, and this also makes them aware that they need to responsibly cater to the overwhelming support of the electorate.

While the government needs to work their math to improve the economic status of the people, the nation is thumbs up with Narendra Modi and his vision for India.

This simply proves that the opposition is totally unable to produce a leader who matches the caliber of NaMo.



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