WOW! Rahul Dravid’s secret message to India following India won the Under-19 WC will melt your heart


The legendary Indian skipper Rahul Dravid’s role in making India Under-19 boys winning the World Cup with such grace and decency is unmatchable. While the young cricketers of Indian team like to celebrate victories like Virat Kohli’s style of aggression or anger, Dravid is from the old school where it was more about measured aggression and giving respect to your opponent as well.

It is learned that Dravid’s message was to the young champions to restrain themselves from any act of ugliness while they went about their celebrations following beating Australia in the final on Sunday. “After the win, Dravid told the boys to cherish the moment. He instructed them not to direct any insult towards anyone. We can celebrate the victory politely also. And the players did exactly as per their coach’s instructions,” said a reliable source in person to the dressing room proceedings. Dravid doesn’t like players have a pass at the opponents after winning so he informed his players in advance.

The Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar also pointed it out in his congratulatory message, saying how he was impressed to witness the level of discipline that these youngsters had absorbed from Dravid.“One thing I noticed about the team is that they are disciplined. Dravid himself always placed impetus on discipline and the team has gained from his experience which has been at the highest level,” said Tendulkar.

Noticing the nervousness in the dressing room before the start of the game, Dravid raised the spirits by highlighting that how this day will never be repeated in their careers. “I know you guys must be feeling the heat, now you understand the meaning of the final, but don’t worry, you will get this moment only once in your lifetime. Among this batch, few will play IPL, international matches too… and that moment comes in your life regularly… but this moment will never come in your life again. So don’t think anything… just go and play your best.”


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