I can’t afford that luxury of being depressed or sad or emotional, says superstar Salman Khan


Salman Khan, without any doubt, is one of the biggest stars in India, but he reveals that it was not an easy journey to stardom for him, addressing his professional highs and lows and legal woes. Khan believes that there have been breaking points in his life, but the nature of his job does not permit him to share his vulnerable side with the world.

“My profession is such that I have to look good, dress up, do stylised action sequences and romance. Articles come on my affairs, me working with beautiful heroines and then suddenly a court date comes up… People see me on Bigg Boss in which I am laughing and joking. So, people think I don’t give a damn about things. That is the most difficult part about our journey as actors. No matter what you are going through at your home or in your personal life, you can’t have subtitles there. You have to be that character, no matter what you are going through,” the 52-year-old actor said at the Global TiE Summit. Salman revealed that being a star has a lot of consequences as he does not have the “luxury of being depressed or sad”.

Talking about his early days in the film industry, Salman revealed his focus as a new actor was to give an equally bigger hit as Aamir Khan’s Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. “The journey I began with ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, not knowing if I would make it, and that time it was difficult because there was another actor, who had started his career and he had given a big hit. That kid’s name was Aamir Khan. He was from the same locality. I thought that he made it and if I didn’t make it, the whole Bandra will start laughing at me. So, my concern was only Bandra- Pali Hill and the friends’ circle, which just had four-five people,” Khan said.

Speaking on how his career shaped up, Salman said at the TiE Global Summit (TGS) 2018 here on Thursday that “When I was 15-16 (years old), I started partying and stuff like that because that’s the age when everyone parties. When I was in college, I used to assist in films and then I started working as a model too”.


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