I am confident BJP’s ‘achhe din’ will actually turn into ‘India Shining: Sonia Gandhi


On Friday, the Congress leader Sonia Gandhi urged “like-minded parties” to drop their local differences for unity at the national as the leader said that “acche din” would prove to be the nemesis of Modi government just like “India Shining” was for Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

As it sounds like an expansion of the political mission she has boarded on in recent weeks, Sonia Gandhi told the India Today Conclave that it was difficult for opposition parties to produce unity since they were locked in fights “at the ground level”, stating burden that Congress faces against joining with oppositions in states like West Bengal. “But if all of us think of the larger picture…if we feel and care for the country, we have to sink local differences,” Gandhi said, asserting that the country was being led by a “regressive vision” with “sustained threat” to social and personal freedoms. The 71-year-old Congress leader’s appeal came in the backdrop of a dinner she has called for opposition parties on March 13 and her informal conversations with opposition leaders.

Sonia made an alike appeal to allies in a meeting of opposition parties on February 1, and days later told Congress MPs that she would take an initiative to produce opposition unity ahead of elections. “The main issue with BJP is they made huge fantastic promises. But what is being implemented? They sold such a positive picture — we will give jobs, give you Rs 15 lakh. There is great disappointment. I am confident BJP’s ‘achhe din’ will actually turn into ‘India Shining’ — which brought us to power (in 2004),” Gandhi said. Attacking on PM Narendra Modi, Gandhi debated that the ruling privilege of resorting to lies to hide “uncomfortable reality” like unemployment. The 71-year-old Congress leader said that Congress was out-marketed by BJP in the 2014 elections and even though corruption was an issue, it was overstated.

Gandhi also attacked into Modi government alleging that country was being led by a “regressive vision” with “atmosphere of intimidation”. “Our country, our society, our freedom are now all under systematic and sustained threat. There is rewriting of history, falsifying facts and fanning prejudice and bigotry,” she said. Sonia alleged that “Freedom to think, marry according to ones wishes is under attack. Religious tensions are being fuelled, vigilante mobs have been let loose”.


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