US-Bangla Airlines plane crashed at Kathmandu airport, at least 50 feared dead


In a shocking misfortune, a Bangladeshi plane crashed with 67 passengers on board near Kathmandu airport on Monday while it was landing, the official said. The firefighters tried to extinguish the burning wreckage and rescue passengers. The rescue team recovered badly burnt bodies from the wreckage of the plane. No less than 50 people were killed when a Bangladeshi airliner with 71 people on board crashed on Monday.

In a live footage posted on Facebook revealed the gigantic posts of smoke surging behind the runway, where another plane stood waiting on the runway path. An army spokesperson was quoted as saying that at least 50 people were killed by Reuters. A police official said that at least 10 people were missing. The fire in the plane had been controlled and rescue operations were ongoing, the airport authorities said. The officials said that at least 25 people were brought out of the plane and sent to nearby hospitals. 33 of the passengers were Nepalese nationals. In the total numbers of passengers, 37 men, 27 women, and two children were present.

An airport official was quoted as saying by Himalayan Times that “The plane shoots off the runway while it was about to crash into the hangar and immediately caught fire”. Another airport official said that the plane “became unstable” while descending. “The aircraft was permitted to land from the southern side of the runway flying over Koteshwor but it landed from the northern side,” said director general Sanjiv Gautam, Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. Observing that the aircraft may have been troubled by technical glitches, he added that “We are yet to ascertain the reason behind the unusual landing”.

An American named as ‘Amanda Summers, who works in Nepal, witnessed the crash from the terrace of her home, which was not too far from the airport. “It was flying so low I thought it was going to run into mountains. All of a sudden there was a blast and then another blast,” She added. All flights through the Tribhuvan International Airport were canceled. US-Bangla Airlines, a joint venture company with offices in New York, Dhaka, India, and other Asian hubs, is owned by US-Bangla group. The airline has been operating since 2014 out of its home airport in Bangladesh.


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