Kamal Haasan supports Rahul Gandhi’s statement of GST must be thrown into wastebasket


The actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan criticized GST openly on Sunday and said it has badly affected all sectors and it must be thrown into a wastebasket. While addressing a press conference repeated similar sentiments as Congress president Rahul Gandhi said Demonitization must not have been implemented.

“I would somehow support this (Rahul’s statement),” Hassan said. “If I was the Prime Minister, and someone had given me a file with demonetisation written on it, I would have thrown it in the dustbin,” Hassan said while speaking at a gathering of the Indian diaspora in Malaysia. Hassan, while addressing a huge gathering at Gobichettipalayam, said youth should come to agriculture field, “instead of only concentrating on engineering and medicine.” “All the fertile lands are waiting for the youth. They should learn latest technologies in agriculture,” he added.

Explaining that Gobichettipalayam is famous for weaving industry, the actor-turned-politician said that only elderly people are now involved in weaving sector. “There won’t be anyone to do it once they go. So youngsters should take it up,” Hassan said. The actor added that complete prohibition of liquor could not be implemented in the state in a day. “It could be possible only after people are convinced about that,” Hassan said and added that people may turn to some other bad habits if prohibition was implemented at once.


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