Delhi Metro’s Pink Line is all set to open today


A new 21.5-km circular metro corridor will be opened for the general public on Wednesday evening, which will connect South and North West Delhi along the ring road. The route between Majlis Park and Durgabai Deshmukh South Campus is a part of a longer 58.9-km “ring corridor”, which will develop into the longest metro line in the country following completion.

The circular Pink Line will ultimately turn the Delhi Metro network into a network by connecting many of the existing circular corridors at 10 different interchange points, counting the Airport Express Line at Dhaula Kuan station. The national capital has the 12th largest metro network in the world. China has five of the top 10 largest networks. Delhi is projected to include close to 100 km of metro lines by the end of the year, forming its metro network the 8th largest in the world. The Delhi Metro Rail Cooperation spokesperson Anuj Dayal said that “By June of this year, a majority of the ongoing Phase-III expansion would be opened to the public”.

The new portion of the Pink Line will particularly benefit college students, as the Delhi University’s South and North campuses would ultimately be linked directly through public transport. It is also expected that Durgabai Deshmukh station near South Campus to become a major transport hub as it will be linked to the existing Airport Express Line station at Dhaula Kuan. Just like the recently inaugurated Magenta Line, the Pink Line will also have the facility of driverless technology. The opening of the Pink Line Metro is expected to bring down travel time significantly between the city’s outskirts since commuters will no longer require traveling to the city center to change lines.


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