Congress president Rahul Gandhi criticizes BJP for ‘using anger to divide country’


The Congress president Rahul Gandhi attacked the BJP bluntly in his first address to the party plenary today, adding that the saffron outfit “uses anger” to divide the country, something the Congress will never do. Gandhi also said the BJP’s “emphasis on divisive politics” has led its focus away from main issues like unemployment and farmers’ pain, and further added that the Congress is the one party that can take the country ahead, taking along with it each and every citizen irrespective of caste and creed.

“The country is tired, it’s looking for a way, and I say from my heart that only the Congress can show India the way. The difference between the Congress and the Opposition (BJP), the big difference, is they use anger, we use love and regard for our fellow humans,” the Congress president said. The 84th plenary of the Congress started today. The Congress party is all set to raise a road map for reversing its descending electoral journey over a two-day meet. With an aim on the Lok Sabha 2019, Rahul told members that Congress is the only party that can take nation ahead.

“This plenary’s goal is to show the country and the Congress the way. The people of this country, they see Modi and see no way forward. They can’t understand where they will get employment from when farmers will get the right price (for their crop),” Gandhi said, indicating two main issues he’s been targeting the Centre on for a while now. The 47-year-old leader alleged that instead of concentrating on development and trying to ease the suffering of farmers, the BJP is dividing people. “Anger is being spread in the country, the country is being divided, people are being made to fight each other. Our job is to join people, bring them together and this ‘hand’ (party symbol), this is the only one that can bring the country together and take it forward. And this hand’s strength is in all of you,” Gandhi said.

Gandhi focused that his party’s aim is the upliftment of all and not just a few. “I will repeat that this country belongs to all of us…all religions, all castes, all people. Anything the Congress does will be for all people and no one will be left behind,” said the Congress president. The Congress plenary sessions will be joined by the top party leaders, including former party chief Sonia Gandhi and former prime minister Manmohan Singh, its officials from all over the country and workers. The party is hopeful that about 15,000 party members will be present for the two-day open session.


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