Goa Congress chief Shantaram Naik resigns, says ‘inspired’ by Rahul Gandhi’s speech at plenary session


The president of the Goa Congress Shantaram Naik ‘inspired’ by Rahul Gandhi’s speech at the plenary session of the Congress earlier this week submitted his resignation today to Rahul. Naik would turn 72 on April 12 this year. The Congress party president called for the old leaders in the party to make way for the young generation.

“Inspired by Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s speech at the plenary session where he said that the younger generation should come forward to take leadership, I have resigned from the post of Goa Congress president,” Naik said. During the last week plenary session of the Congress, the Congress president had indicated that senior members of the party might have to clear the way for the younger generation. In an indirect reference, Gandhi said that party could only be changed by demolishing “the wall” between workers and leaders – saying it his “first job” at the top.

Even though he “sugarcoated” the messages by saying he would “bring down the wall, not by anger but with love, and by showing respect to veterans”, the intent to point out the old guard could not have escaped the veterans in the front rows. The 47-year-old leader said “the wall” displayed itself in the organizational discontents like election nominations to “aspirants who parachute from above” and in rejection of tickets to those who lacked financial influence. Naik was appointed as the Goa Congress president on July 7, 2017.


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