I am not hurt he called me a liar, just worried about Kapil’s health: Sunil Grover


The first-rate comedians Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma have once again fought in a public fight on Twitter and Sunil Grover wants to play the good cop in his fight. In an interview with Times of India, Grover uttered that he is not at all hurt that Kapil called him a liar on Twitter and added that he is only worried about his health.

Everything started on Saturday night when Sunil replied to a fan on Twitter claiming that Kapil never approached him for his upcoming show. Kapil lost his calm and accused Sunil of lying. “Yes .. he is lying .. I called him 100 times n sent my people to his home .. even I went to his home to meet him for the show .. but now I will not let anybody take any advantage on my name .. enough is enough….Paji I called u more then 100 times n came to ur house to meet u twice .. every time u were out for some show n all .. pls don’t spread rumors that I didn’t call u,” Kapil tweeted.

Sunil said in his interview to the English daily that “I am not hurt. I know he called me a liar and also said pehle hassa ke dikha logon ko…. I am worried about Kapil’s health. Just look at the time of the tweets. How can I be hurt? I just pray to god that Kapil stays healthy and takes care of himself”. “We both are mature people and have even met after the incident last year. There are many things that happened between the two of us since then, and I don’t think I should talk about it. I don’t want to do mud-slinging. I worked with him on two great shows though it was for a temporary period. I will be always thankful,” Grover added.

When Grover was asked why he decided to open up about the fight now, he told the daily, “I was tired of the fan’s continuous questions about whether I was going to be a part of Kapil’s upcoming show, so I decided to answer it. But I had no intentions to fight with Kapil or say any nasty things about him. I remained silent even after the fight that took place last year. I never said anything. I was under pressure since few days as my fans kept on asking me if I am doing the show and I just reacted.”


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