Divide & Rule: Congress’ Lingayat Minority Card

Credits cartooniststish.com/ RaGa in afix when Siddaramaiah takes on the Lingas!

Not that Rahul Gandhi on the plenary of the Congress tried to push for the Mahabharata where Pandavas were the victims, and the Kauravas robbed them through their fowl play, Siddaramaiah, in Karnataka has shown the righteousness of Congress by playing the divide and rule card ahead of the elections to bring the situation to a new vote mathematics.

It is well known that a medieval saint Basaveshwara in Karnataka accorded the status of the the sole God to Lord Siva, and denounced the Vedic wisdom, to form a sect known as Lingayats. Further, some of the Lingayats chose to follow the Vedas, and were known as Veerashaiva Lingayats.

It is very important to note that the Karnataka’ society is covered by  19% Lingayats who exercise not only political influence in the state but also wield economic influence. The Lingayats have been traditionally the supporters of the BJP, and their prominent leader, BS Yeddyurappa is also a Lingayat.

The move has been lingering since 1942, and last year in December the state government appointed the Justice Nagamohan Das committee to look into whether there was a need to  confer a separate religious and minority status to their community, which was responded to in the affirmative.

The BJP and the RSS have opposed the move and have targeted their guns at the Congress, while at the same time there are many Congress leaders who have cried foul over the move.

The move has drawn ire from various quarters of the society, while some has been seen as celebrating the move. The move needs to judged objectively.

The objective of the  move is to bite into the BJP’s vote bank, and endear the community to the Congress, thereby securing a good voter percentage in the assembly elections. Thus for this to take shape, the Centre will have to concede and then the dream may become a reality.

On the whole, the grant of minority status may create many social problems and hurdles for one nation which is already divided and is finding it tough to combat the sectarian politics that is being practiced even today.

In this information age, the significance of such a move is that it gives teeth to the allegation made by Modi against the Congress, that they have been dividing and ruling the country for years.

This is actually being found to be true. There is a fault here which perhaps Siddaramaiah or his aides are not able to see is that the gods and goddesses of the Hindu/ Vedic pantheon are not different, though the practices may vary there isn’t a for a new religion altogether, except to win elections.

The move will further find cries coming from Vaishnavas, and other sects of the Hindu/ Vedic pantheon from across quarters, which will become a reality as and when a political party feels it may be loosing the election.

The rulers must be wise and think not for their benefits but the benefit of the people, where there must be an effort to realise unity and fraternity. The BJP will not accede to such a demand, while the RaGa, may think what does he and his comrades actually want to do with the country, by making politics look like a daily soap, and saas-bahu ki kahani of divide and rule!


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