Raj Babbar resigns as UP Congress chief, say party sources


Following a day Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s public indication to the veterans to make a way for young leaders, the veterans have started leaving their positions on their own. After Shantaram Naik’s resignation from the post of Goa Congress chief, UP Congress chief Raj Babbar also declared his resignation late on Tuesday.

With rumors generating that Gujarat PCC chief Bharatsinh Solanki might also follow suit, the party seemed to be looking at a probable wave of resignations. In his speech in the Congress party’s plenary event, the Congress president made it clear that the time had come for veterans to leave the centre stage. Interestingly, just three days before vital voting in the state for Rajya Sabha polls, Babbar stepped down. Even though there was no confirmation about it, Congress sources told TOI that his resignation was yet to be accepted and he would continue to hold the post until the time his replacement took over.

According to the sources, there were four front-runners for the key post, but the Congress party was expected to project a Brahmin face to fight BJP’s moves to combine non-Yadav OBC and non-Jatav dalit vote bank. Babbar was not available yet for comment, but his puzzling tweet, citing noted poet Kedarnath Singh acted as a giveaway about his move. “Aaj ghar main ghusa toh ajeeb drishya tha, suniye — mere bistar ne kaha — yeh raha mera isteefa (resignation), main apne kapaas ke bheetar jaana chahta hoon (Today when i reached home, my bed offered its resignation, telling me it wants to go back to its original self (turn into cotton),” Babbar tweeted.


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