Escalation of Tensions: Trump and Kim Tete-a-tete

The future that world wats to see.

The Americans are living in the era when 15 years back they had a President who had the same motor-mouth credentials and sense of justice like the  one ruling today.

Yes, from the reign of George W. Bush to Donald Trump, the times have changed and  yet the equations seem to be building up just the same that led to the invasion of Iraq, and in the aftermath today the world realises the persistent threat of escalation of tensions in the middle-east which is remained the new world’s war zone for decades now.

The American establishment has seemingly not learned its lessons from the distinguished experience that shook the humanity and affected the human order. The effect, or rather the lesson that should have been learnt is not one that is a hard to learn but pretty evident.

The Americans calculated that the expedition in the Iraqi nation would only last for a bare 5 months or one year, but unfortunately, it has lasted for almost a complete decade. The Americans also assessed that the populous of Iraq qould overwhelmingly support the American liberators, while nothing of that sort happened, because the Americans deprived the Iraqis of their prosperity under the villainous dictator Saddam Hossein, who ensured free education and healthcare to his citizens, while now, the Iraqis just pray for a stable life.

The rise of ISIS, the escalation of tensions between the Arabs and the Iranis, and the persistent threat of Israelis and Arabs warring with each other, is the outcome of the American invasion.

Today, with Americans under Donald Trump nearing a trade war with the Chinese, aka the ‘manufacturing house of the world’, the global markets have already gone into a tizzy with the major selling catching pace, and crude prices rising by the night.

Such tensions, also give rise to a sectarian world, where the North Koreans backed by China, may offer a tough time to the Americans as the Chinese may not directly confront Americans. Thus, the observers and experts at Washington and Pyongyang may work overtime to gaze at the constructive outcomes of the possible tete-a-tete between Donald Trump and Kim-jong-Un, which has received a positive comment from the world leaders. The meeting will be held in May sometime.

Meanwhile, the Japanese, South Koreans, and the Taiwanese concerns also need to be considered as the Americans would be there representing not just themselves but the wide array of nations that form the Democratic alliance.

There may be reservations ahead of the meeting, but Donald Trump, will have to accept that if he uses his bashfulness, it may cost another prolonged war of sorts that will change the course of the future just the Americans pushed the rise of Islamists.

Keeping the fingers crossed and expecting a broader consultation with the world leaders prior to the meet, we hope that the leaders deal responsibly with the world this time.


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