Mahagathbandhan Nahi Dukh Bhanjan

We have been witnessing a desperate political war since 2014, in every election. The BJP and Congress are trying to come to power in every election, whatever be the costs. Wherever there are regional parties, the contest is again the same, BJP and its allies versus the rest.

The experiment in Bihar which saw the very first attempts to unite the opposition failed. The fall outs of the failure had deep echoes, and today every attempt to unite the opposition would just remind people of the Janta years!!

The latest example has been the experiment in J&K where the BJP broke off its arrangement with the PDP and is now moving ahead to form the government with the PDP rebels, and Sajjad Lone.

The Karnataka again is a story of its own kind where the Congress managed to win handsomely, but tried to contest the elections on the plank of religious identities, which has dented its image. The opposition will not be able to address the concerns of the people if they don’t act well in time. They will have to make it up to the people.

In this article the author would want to put forward only five reasons as to why there is a need for all the opposition parties in India to unite under a single entity, with a clearly defined agenda, hierarchy, and would be even better if the portfolio sharing is also declared before the polls, so as to assure that talent and merit rules, not loyalty!

At this juncture, the electorate will find themselves in a confusing state of affairs, and ostensibly, there will be no clear winner except the BJP because the opposition has nothing credible to offer, despite evident failures of the BJP, the opposition may not be able to offer a good fight to  the complacent BJP, thus here is a strategy:

1. The Opposition Parties Must Accept Their Failures:

  • It is not unknown to the aware Indian that how during the Congress years, and then the rise of Regional Political Parties with narrow ideologies led to a social-disorientation;
  • There has been a lack of promptness on the part of political parties when they were in power; and
  • There have been an abuse of the reservation policy;
  • Rampant corruption; and
  • Minority Majoritarianism; and
  • Lack of economic growth.

There needs to be a single arrangement of priorities among all the political parties that are there to go against BJP. They need to realise that the voters need a change, and they will not be able to win unless they actually provide a detailed outlook to the voters that they have built a consensus among themselves to serve the people for the better future of India.

2. Put National Interest first Over Petty Politics:

It is something this author feels when he observes Rahul Gandhi, that how he tries to deal with all the burden that he is being heaped with for the miscalculations and errors of his ancestors.

Thus, today, all the regional leaders, must realise it, soon, that there will never be a day when one of them will rise to become a national phenomena, but if they unite with each other in harmony, to work for the betterment of the country, then there is a chance that they may be able to move somewhere.

No political party will be able to offer enduring and actual social changes unless they micro-manage the system of public administration with the zeal with which a new a born tries to learn new things.

The self-styled ideas of Political Leaders need to go somewhere, and rather than just looking power hungry, they must actually offer something that is more valuable and serves the nation in the longer run.

The idea is simple, to sow the right seeds in time so as to deliver the benefits upon our future generations, so that sons of the leaders today, don’t meet the fate of Rahul Gandhi.

3. BJP is Living in Complacence:

Though Amit Shah and Narendra Modi may be working over-time to keep themselves in power, the BJP machinery across states has just been like the erstwhile governments. There is again a complacent atmosphere in every government official, which is implementing the same corrupt system, without offering anything like the promises made in 2014.

The only difference that BJP has is, that it shows more than it does. It is no different from the other political parties that ruled before. Thus to actually offer something of a competition to the complacent BJP, the opposition must unite under a different set of ideas to counter the BJP.

In other words, the opposition parties will have to actually mobilise support through old school ways, and promote good will.

4. The Indian Economy is Now Chronically Capitalistic:

Narendra Modi no doubt inherited an economy which successfully walked during the recession years. There is no specific change in the lives of the ordinary Indian since 2014. The economy is now being run by the foreign players, who will actually drain all our wealth out to the foreign lands.

Instead of offering the foreign companies to invest in India, we should have offered Indian companies to start investing in India, and make platforms like there are in the US. The services sector, pharma and other industries that manufacture for exports, should have been given more impetus, and the growth must have been spatially well distributed to have a stable GDP and GNP, which is not the case, nor will it change now.

The banks are under the stress of NPAs and the “Real Estate is Hot” phase has gone out, which has actually affected the economy, by hampering wages, and specially in the informal sector. The dollar has been going up, and with the US-China trade wars getting hot, Indian industry will have to find ways to survive.

To promote actual growth we need an actual atmosphere, which offers a corruption free system, and assures both the employee and the employer the peace to prosper mutually.

The mid-sized businesses have failed and development projects have a different pace everywhere, to actually kick start the growth engine, we would need entrepreneur friendly atmosphere.

5. Regional Parties Will Never Appeal To The National Consciousness:

The Leaders in various states have a particularly myopic view of the country. Thus the only acceptable face to the entire country is Rahul Gandhi. People say that it is because of Narendra Modi that BJP is in power, no, it is because of the failures of the past governments that somebody from a humble background and a vision, rose to the post of the Prime Minister, through his appeal to the masses. Therefore, Beware-Beware Mamta Didi, and Maya Bua, Indians will never garland you as Prime Ministers, let us face it.

All political parties walking their own roads to become prime ministers will not win anything for anyone. Thus there has to be a pre-defined lay out as to who would take which portfolio. There will be no changes, and all the parties will have to identify their strongholds and concentrate on the bigger picture, which is India.

This article remains the first insight on the need to provide an alternative to the BJP. The attempts are to approach the national consciousness with a holistic view.



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