Re-Defining Peace


How busy we are with our lives is nothing not known to us. The daily living throws a bundle of issues big and small that need to be addressed on a daily basis.

Most of us remain in constant mutter of the times that we live in where we have to pay our bills, make enough money, generate paycheques, and plan our future, besides dealing with our relationships. We start trying to find peace outside our mind, which is why we feel plugged all the time.

Plugging is not a bad thing to do, but out of all the parts of our mortal body, the one that needs the most relaxation is our mind, and we hardly give it, the sleep that we take, does not actually offer the mind the rejuvenation it needs.

It is a scientific fact, not one that is too typical to comprehend. The mind business needs to be minded more than anything else because most of the times, if we observe we are enslaved by the patterns of the thoughts that we have developed throughout this life based on the inputs our mind machine gets from books, words and experiences.

The restless mind machine, the way we know it as always keeps us in a delusive state due to which many things often fall apart. There is often one question asked by many people, what does peace achieve, and the second one, how does one attain to the state of peace.

What does peace give us, it gives us more than we actually need. We never understand how necessary it is to harbour a calm state of mind, but it offers us the most important way to deal with our life, as it is. A peaceful state of mind we are just observing everything and respond to mind at will. It gives us the endurance, and the ability to make well informed decisions. A peaceful mind gives us the ability to deal with our day-to-day problems, because any man can deal with a crisis, as they say, but it is the daily life that bothers us. These are the some of the benefits of a peaceful state of mind.

Now, how to attain the state of the peaceful being, well, it is a road less travelled and one hard to explain. For starters, there is to be a persistent desire to feel the need of a peaceful state of mind. After this desire comes, there is a lot of serious homework to be pursued. The homework is, knowing our own mind. So, just to start it will be worthwhile to observe one’s own mind in the third person. This observation gives one the roam to see how does one actually think, and react, this empowers a man to identify their mind. Then, comes de-cluttering the mind.

De-cluttering the mind is one of the most trickiest things to do. It is associated with the very natural thoughts that define a man. The man has to actually identify what are the thoughts that he may endure and what all need to be discarded to keep his sanity. This process has to be repeated every night and morning within 5 minutes because it defines your entire day, and facilitates your mind make-up, and peace.

For starters, we would like to sum up with this new-definition of peace which simply is to meet oneself and clean the mind’s inventory, then we move on to other tricks. Till then, happy self-awareness.


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