Finding a Friend Within Ourselves

This deserves experience not an intellectual discourse.

It is natural for us to look for companions, as we are biologically programmed to live in a society. We grow up with our friends, in schools, in our localities and wherever we go, we communicate and make good bonds with a few people.

Then we often tend to go out for jobs or studies, where again we tend to find some people, as the time passes by and we grow up, we begin to miss our families and we begin to loose touch with our old peers. Our new peers, we don’t find the time to connect with them, thus we are always left in the lurch of loneliness.

If we think that people who are not dating and are unmarried only feel this way, we are mistaken. Most of us fail to recognize the feeling of being unable to connect or communicate with the companions we have effectively, and we land up communicating with people in excess, trying to find someone better, or live in self pity and develop strains of depression, both of which adversely affect the quality of our lives.

Often while we communicate with a diverse number of people, we acquire diverse responses and knowledge that may define us. It is not bad to meet people, befriend people, and spend quality time with them, but it is a problem when one cannot focus on our own life and soul, and get excessively indulged in friendships through the modern means of communication that we forget to cater to ourselves.

There have been numerous researches on the effects of social media platforms on our mental well being, which have brought credible results that social media platforms aggravate adverse behaviour attributable to loneliness and poor relationship building, among other psychological disorders.It starts with display of happiness and feeling happy when we et likes and messages, so much so that ‘tinder’ is a ready to feed app for our carnal desires, and please let us be honest to ourselves, social media does give us some issues, which is why we readily give our valuable time to social media and land up getting addicted to our gadgets. We pick up fights on facebook and twitter, and we land dating the wrong persons just because we feel lonely.

The ignorant lifestyle which we follow all over these years will eventually land us up in troubles, if not today then at a later point in our lives, because we don’t find pleasure in our own friendship. There are a very few people who actually learn the meaning of their friendship with their own-self.

Why is it important to befriend your own self, it is because we get to meet our minds, we tend to know how much deep our thoughts can go, and how we must deal with ourselves to realize real bliss, which does not depend on the amount of money we have, and the number of friends we have, but the relationship we share with ourselves. 

It is often said that one must have a ‘me-time’ in every 24 hours, because it is important to know ourselves, and perfect ourselves in every situation, and every moment of life. It helps improving not just our personality but our general mental well being. 

Therefore we must actually first be our own friend and learn to love the friend inside. There is no way to do it, except communicate with one’s own self on a daily basis and respond to the needs and demands of this mind and body carefully and wisely.


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