The Bharat’s Russian Love (1947- 2018)


Most of us have grown up within the precincts of households, where we have heard tales of various political parties waving their strength of their pockets, it has been the right wing ideas and core communist ideologies.

Why do we brand all the others as communist because it is a well known fact that all the other parties have been squandering so much of the money on unreal assets, it has become a problem for us today. The socialist governments have always been very bad at accounting for the only one reason that they have always favoured the lazy government attitude. 

The laziness has made Indian people to only wonder of things which are ‘doled’ out for them. The state must endeavour to create a class based society, (as they all were socialists) but that never happened. They ruled only through the principles being perfected by the right wingers today. 

The NDA has added real aggression to the population of India as they have messed up with the order of the economy. The beauty of the Russia dominated system of governance is the way things work, exclusive mismanagement. This has actually made people think of the social affairs, the people have adjusted to the Modi kind of professional life. The streets are pretty clean(gangsters and peddlers) except the dirt and the traffic. This is not the socialist regime. The Indian socialist regime ran for the wrong cause in the world of actual consumerism. The consumerism that we see in the future is a one rich in taxes and more of general discipline.   The Putin lead administration is really, a show running on the back of guns, a real analysis of the Russian economic fiasco is that only 0.1% of the Russians, who are the ultra rich have had the real income growth in the recent past, while the rest of the population has had a negative income.

The NDA routine is moving towards guns, the Russian inclination, has created a problem, the Russians and Chinese have perfected the entire global space by using their art of perfection and secrecy, while China is known for its piracy of everything created by the Americans. The consumerism based economy needs to do something, the World order must be rid of the Veto powers. There must be a democracy. The times are moving towards globalism. International Law is the future of the world. This is a gift of Chinese population. The world’s richest people. The Chinese are running a very busy economic order, governed, owned and dominated by their native languages.

Indira Gandhi’s relations with Russia, are known to have really upset the Americans, when Nehru was a real Non-Aligned Man, while the rest have been aligned, when the American’s tried to pressure India, Indian leadership moved towards the Russians when there was a Cold War, supposedly the Cold War has become colder, but there are now better ways of fighting, it is the cyber world, the geo-politics, and economic wars.

Narendra Modi was laughed at by Vladimir Putin publicly. This facilitated the warmth between Trump and Modi, which upset the Russian hegemony over Indian affairs, and they landed up flirting with China and Pakistan, but recently the Russians have in a low-profile meeting signed a deal with Indian side for the sale of S-400 missiles. This comes in the backdrop of increasing Russian and Chinese developmental activities in the regions not covered by the The Great Westerners( the middle-east).

Today we as Indians, must give it a thought that do we need pro-market regimes or pro-business regimes in place. The Congress’ hobnobbing with Russians cost us our only chance to be self sufficient when in ’92 we had to liberalise our economy, it is not a laudable step, but a matter of concern that without USSR we could not sustain without American capital.

Americans have hired the world’s laziest servants, Indians who were earlier dependent on the others. The cool periods  of real management without technology are long gone, while the Russians and Chinese used their hibernation period to the maximum, today the Russians and the Chinese are controlling the economics. Americans are withdrawing all the money, while the Russians and the Chinese are working the monies.

The real problems lies in the chaotic world order, which craves for equilibrium. The equilibrium maybe only had by regulating the world. Freedom will be an eventuality leading to a new world order.

The Indian of the day who talks about Russian & Indian friendship must give a thought, is America the better business partner or China. Americans are the better friends Indians will ever have because Americans are the best managers. Indian Russian bonhomie is now a fable, not a reality anymore. India today is asserting its creativity tapping on its own resources and creating a new space for itself, which is not dependent on Russians. 

A balancing act. A hush-hush world order. India is what it is good at negotiations, the Big Brother unlike Uncle Sam. India in the modern day is negotiating with every nation on its own diplomatic terms, not backed by Russians, and it is dealing with American capital because we have never invested in the realm of innovation, which is why we are lacking behind. Americans are helping us modernize while we become their new partners in trade setting aside China.

This is a new era, where Indo-Russian all weather friendship has assumed new angles. Let us leave the rest to the future.


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