Decoding Attachment

Attachment issues are purely natural, and a smart mindset will always help you deal with it.

Okay, I don’t feel that this author would be the best person on this planet to explain the concept of attachment that we as humans often feel, and get caught in, yet this author would be better off explaining the best ways to deal with attachment.

How do we define attachment in our lives? Love, necessity, or something else, say affection? Well, there is no definition to attachment but a simple understanding that we must accept is that is a feeling created by the mind, it is such a feeling coupled with memories, and imagination that keeps us holding onto the person or object that we hold dear.

Find for yourself the issues you face are real and you aren’t alone, Congratulations

Attachment is something you may have for anything that is either animate or inanimate. Both these things happen to us just to facilitate our lives, yet we tend to get so reliant and dependent on things out of ignorance that we land up getting so stuck to the person or object that it becomes very hard for us to move on.

Attachment with physical objects is something that can be dealt with easily, either by replacing the old one with the new, or finding the best available alternative. The tough part is dealing with attachment to humans. How does one define attachment to one’s loved ones? The friends, the girls/girl, the mentors, and so many more? People die, or distances separate us, and sometimes, it just doesn’t work out. We land up hating the person, or living in guilt, trying to find solace in new peers, some may find solace doing drugs, alcohol, or many other things. Some people loose their souls in the process also, land up developing psychological disorders.

Is it not natural for a human being to get attached to someone? Most of the smart ass spooks would tell you a negative version of the emotional person that you are, the ones you care for may not just be able to understand you, then who will understand your pain? When you ask God, why were you persecuted, or what was your fault, and no slip flies from the heavens, then what would you do? The millenials go nuts, chase booze, babes and drugs, money and very few isolate themselves, and rest loose their lives completely. 

What this author has to say about the above phases, comes at a later stage, what comes first is, how do we understand what we are actually going through, it is the most important ordeal while dealing with attachment nearing an obsession. The person will always figure in your mind from somewhere, or anywhere, anytime, and that’s when you must smile and look at the memories and your unfulfilled desires that are dying each moment with the time racing ahead. We can never take to hatred to justify anything in this life, because that is one emotion that is short lived. If you have genuine emotions for someone, let them flow in your veins, they’re good. Cling to optimism, and tell yourself that “My past was beautiful, my dreams are beautiful, and there are many beautiful persons on this planet who will absolutely walk-in to my life at the moment I will need them the most”. Build more dreams, perfect your dreams to such an extent that they accommodate all, and they allow the freedom to anyone to go.

We have to be there for ourselves, because these things are a part of this material life. People, will always come and go, we cannot control them, but the only thing we are in control of is, ourselves, and our personality.

We have to understand, that every minute we feed grief and remorse to our mind over the object or person, we make ourselves weak, but the more we rejoice at the point that we are capable of this good, we deserve more, we start solving the riddle of attachment.

Now, my dear buddy, you must be thinking it is a task, no, it sadly isn’t, but it is easy to play with your own thoughts. Give it a try, and accept that the past, and the future hold your reigns, deny them the control and give yourself to the present.

It is easy, and all it takes is feeling your own heartbeat, which tells you, you are real, so why can’t your life be more real, than just the delusions the mind gives you?

It is a fact that attachment is borne out of long association that builds memories, and dreams based on the memories for a happy future, what we ignore is that we are the focus of the movie, not the person or object we find ourselves craving for. It is a real fact that one can deal with attachment in a positive manner and continue with a perfectly normal life, all it takes is the realisation that the focus of your movie is you, yourself. 🙂


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