Hurricane Harvey: 24-year-Old Indian Student Dies, Another in Critical Condition at Houston

A 24 year old Indian student has died after he was drowned in a swollen lake in US where Hurricane Harvey wreaked. Another student at A&M University,  Nikhil Bhatia was rescued from the Lake where he  was with another Indian girl Shalini Singh.  According to the Consulate officials who were in regular touch with the family members in hospital and in India, he capitulate to injuries while Shalini Singh is in a critical condition.

Nikhil Bhatia is originally from Jaipur, Rajasthan and his friend Shalini Singh who is 25 years old is from New Delhi and was pursuing Masters in Public Health. Immediately both were brought to the local hospital in a serious condition. According to some witnesses they were swimming in the lake and a sudden current of water pushed them deeper and then the near by students noticed that they were in distress and flagged down near by the police officers.

According to Bryan Mayor Andrew Nelson,” Bryan Police officers were able to rescue  the victims and provided  medicine. Immediately, It  was not  clear that why they were swimming in such bad weather.

However, Houston’s  Consul General of India has closely been monitoring for their medical needs and their situation. According to the consulate office, Nikhil Bhatia’s mother Dr. Suman Bhatia has  arrived  their and there she was assisted by the consulate office to amidst devastating flood situations.

This catastrophic flood and torrential rains in the storm ravaged Texas where Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc has affected around 13 million people by turning the streets into raging rivers and killing at least nine persons .

While the Meteorologists have forecasted that the historic rainfall will dump up to 50 inches by tomorrow and the Heavy rainfall were expected to move over the Houston area overnight.

The authorities said,” Around 200 Indian students  were still stranded at the University of Houston due to the flood after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas  and some of them were being evacuated to safer places.” The students were provided food supplies by the Indian American community of that area.

Anupam Roy , the Indian Consul General in Houston has been in touch with the students and monitoring the evacuation process.  Hundreds of Indian students were stranded in their homes and ran out of food but they are being helped by the consulate.

Anupam Roy said that the members of the Indian graduate student organisations had reached out to him through Facebook. Despite all the roads being inundated with water and closed for traffic. She personally went to the apartment complex where more than 250 Indian students were stranded.

According to local community leaders,  1,00,000 Indian Americans who live in and around Houston area have been badly hit by the hurricane flood and rain fall.

Pakistan's PM, Military Meet To Respond To Trump's Criticism

Today, the Pakistan’s  Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will meet with the powerful Pakistani generals to formulate the new US policy on Afghanistan which includes greater pressure on Islamabad to rein in terrorism and terrorists.

The US President Donald Trump chastised Pakistan for harbouring agents of chaos and providing safe havens to terrorist groups waging an insurgency against a US  government in Kabul.

Further, the White House officials have threatened the aid and the military cuts as well as other measures to force  the nuclear armed Pakistan force  and bring about 16 year war to end.

Yet, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has not responded to Trump’s remarks but  the Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif said, ” The  Washington should not use Pakistan as a scapegoat for its failures in America’s longest running war and the  Pakistan denies harbouring terrorists.” The final decision about how to proceed rests with the military which has ruled the country for nearly half 70 year history. It calls the shots on important parts of Pakistan’s foreign policy which was included with the Afghanistan, United States and India.

Qamar Javed Bajwa, the Army Chief General who will be a part of the National Security Council meeting has met with US Ambassador David Hale and said,” The Islamabad wanted the trust and understanding rather than US aid  and money.”
The Pakistani officials bristle at what they say is a lack of respect by Washington for the sacrifices of country in the war against militancy and groups like Al-Qaeda, ISIS.

The Pakistan estimates  that there have been 70,000 casualties in terrorist attacks since it joined “The war on terrorism” after 11 September, 2001 attacks on the United States.
On Thursday, Senator Mushahid Hussain, the chairman of  senate defense committee told Reuters, “We feel that the American administration which is led by Mr Trump has been one sided and unfair to Pakistan and doesn’t appreciate and recognize Pakistan in the campaign against terrorism.”

The Pakistani officials have also been angered by the Trump and the  rival India to play important role in reconstruction of Afghanistan. Also, the Indian role in Kabul could be a threat to regional peace.

However, the Pakistan fears that New Delhi’s greater influence would leave Afghanistan sandwiched by India. Also, the Analysts have  warned about the greater pressure on Pakistan risks driving Islamabad deeper into the arms of China and its northern neighbour which is investing nearly $60 billion in infrastructure projects.

According to Chinese state media, Yang Jiechi, which is China’s top diplomat told US Secretary of the  State Rex Tillerson in a phone call that the United States must value Pakistan’s role in the Afghanistan and respect its security issues.
Hussain added,” Since 9/11, The Things have changed. The US has diminished the clout and  have far more strategic options in our foreign policy.”

In recent years relationship of both the countries has endured after Al-qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was found and killed by US special forces in Pakistan in a 2011.

Air Strikes Near Houthi Checkpoint Claim at Least 35 Lives in Yemen

In the Arhab area, on  the site of the Saudi-led air strikes  many People gather, near about 20 kilometres (13 miles) towards  north of the Sanaa, Yemen on August 23, 2017.Around 35 people were killed in the air strikes that has  hit the  hotel near the  Houthi-controlled outpost which is  outside the Yemeni capital Sanaa on this Wednesday, the  medic said, and the  Saudi-led coalition spokesman said that the  conducted had the strike against its Houthi adversary.

The coalition spokesman said that the   “legitimate has  military high-value target” was hit in the  Arhab district, which is north  of  the Sanaa. “The ones who had perished were the members of an armed of  renegade group,” he said this  in the  reference to the Houthis who are already aligned with the Iran.

The roof of the hotel had collapsed, leaving there around two bodies which is  dangling from the building in the Arhab area which is about 20 km (13 miles) from Sanaa, according to a witness.

The Al-Masirah TV, which is run by the armed of the  Houthi group that had controls the northern Yemen, which has quoted the Sanaa governorate as by saying that the death toll had already risen to near about 46 “martyrs”. It did not immediately make the  direct reference to the civilians or to the fighters.

Yehia Hussein, the emergency worker in the Houthi-controlled area, said that the  Saudi-American aggressors had  targeted the hotel, which had been the hosting of around 100 people.

The Medics had also  found 35 corpses as well as the  body parts, he said. “There are around  13 wounded and the rest of the victims are still under the rubble,” according to Hussein.The ground-floor structure of the grey concrete building had  still standing there  but the upper level was reduced to the  rubble with the metal wires splayed into the air.

The Men had  searched through the rubble, while the others carried the  body in the  blanket to the white van. It is  Informed that the joint forces had command vetted the  incoming information through its intelligence sources that the  confirmed the arrival of the  group of the armed militants to one of the buildings,” the coalition spokesman who is Colonel Turki al-Malki, told the reporters  in the statement.

“This Houthi group had already deployed in the many of  Arhab District as well as in  the surroundings of the  Sanaa International Airport.” The Houthi forces are also not believed to have any of the  air power.

Now a days crimes remind us that we all are   targeted as the Yemenis,”the  al-Masirah TV quoted about  the group’s leader, Abdel-Malek al-Houthi as his saying .

Air strikes escalate

The Houthis who had the  territory which includes of the Sanaa, are now  also fighting with the Yemen‘s internationally-recognised by  government that is mostly backed by the Saudi-led to the military alliance in the  war which has killed around  10,000 innocents and had unleashed the  humanitarian disaster. Earlier in This month the  senior of the  UN official had  condemned that the recent reported about the air strikes in the  Yemen, including on the  house which also contain many of the  children, saying that they showed the disregard  for the civilian safety.

The coalition of the Saudi-led  had already denied of the fact about the  targeting of the  family home just after the  public health official said that near about  nine civilians were killed in the  air strike.

The US and the Britain provide huge  arms and the logistical assistance to the alliance for its campaign. The issue has been caused controversy in the Britain over the toll on the civilians.

In addition to the striking military targets, the air strikes have hit the  hospitals, the infrastructure and many   port facilities, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.

The US officials have said they have tried to find ways to improve Saudi targeting. The Pentagon sent US military lawyers to train Saudi counterparts on how to ensure the legality of airstrikes, and software designed to help determine whether certain munitions might cause destruction beyond the target.

The  report by the international aid agencies in  last week said that the  Yemen had suffered more air strikes in the first half of this year as compared to  the whole of 2016, which increases the number of the civilian deaths and  then forcing more of the people to flee their homes.The report also  did not identify any of the party as taking the  responsible for the strikes but their  coalition has controlled the Yemeni airspace since the war began earlier in the March 2015. The US forces have also conducted the occasional air strikes or the raids using several drones.

The UN has put the death toll since the war began in March 2015 at more than 10,000.

China Protests after US Warship Sails Near Island

Today, the Beijing voice displeasure  as a US warship sailed near an artificial island in the disputed South China Sea. The operation that prompted the Chinese navy to warn American destroyer.

Geng Shuang, the spokesman of Foreign ministry said,” The USS John S McCain actions had violated the Chinese and international law seriously impairing  sovereignty and security of country.”

He said that the China is strongly dissatisfied with this. He said  in his statement that  the Beijing would lodge an official protest against Washington.

The US official said, John S McCain destroyer sailed within six nautical miles of “Mischief Reef”, an artificial island built by China on Thursday as part of freedom of navigation operation.

“The Mischief reef” is part of the disputed  Islands in the South China Sea which has created rival claims between China and its neighbouring countries.

On condition of anonymity, the US official told AFP,” A Chinese frigate has sent at least 10 times radio warnings  to the USS McCain and said please turn around you are in our area.” The official said, “We told them that we are conducting  our routine operations in international waters.”

The official said, “the interactions were  safe and professional with the operation that last about six hours from start to finish.” The Geng said,” such operations were seriously endangering the lives.”

The “freedom of navigation operation” was the third of its kind that is carried out by the United States after the President Donald Trump took office.

The US move came after four days when Australia,  Japan and the United States  denounced  the Beijing’s  island building on the sidelines of a security forum of the 10 nation Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Manila.

The China claims almost all of the sea through which $5 trillion trade shipping  passes annually. It claims overlapping with Vietnam, Malaysia,  the Philippines and Brunei, all ASEAN members as well as Taiwan.

In recent years, the Beijing has managed to weaken the regional resistance by courting some of the ASEAN members. The China scored a coup, when ASEAN ministers issued a statement on the dispute and agreed to talk at the Manila meeting, on Sunday.

The China insists that the delayed code will conduct between it and ASEAN members over the disputed sea that must not be  binding legally, and a demand to which the Southeast Asian countries have acquiesced so far.

The spokesman of Chinese defence ministry, Wu Qian said,” The joint efforts of China and its neighbouring countries  has stabilised the situation in the South China”  but ” The peace and stability in the region is threatened by US operation.”

Qian said,” the provocative US military actions will encourage the Chinese military to  strengthen the defence capacity building and defend national sovereignty and security.”

The operation  comes between the Korean peninsula over Pyongyang’s missile programme and the United States that seeks to push China into assertively North Korea.

“Lieutenant Colonel, Chris Logan” , the Pentagon spokesman, declined to comment whether there had been a freedom of navigation sailing. But, he said that the United States would continue to do such operations.

He said, ” All the operations is being conducted in accordance with the international law and demonstrate that the United States will sail, fly and operate wherever international law allows.”

All You Need to Know about Apple iPad Pro 10

New Apple’s iPad pro just came out a few months ago, and with its new features it is attracting a lot of people, You will be attracted to the Apple’s Pro very first from its look only, as Apple produces a wide range of products and it’s clear that for a company that makes one of the most mainstream gadgets in continuation, it’s still not above making niche products for function consumers.

So with its controversial choice of high-performance Thunderbolt ports, stunning display and a choice of specs specifically designed around artistic creation this was no longer the laptop that kids bought when they wanted to show off at university. The new iPad Pro in many ways feels like it’s a truly distilled personification of this way of thinking.


From the very first glance you will attracted towards that iPhone as it’s clear that while this is very definitely an iPad, it’s an evolution that makes some subtle but important changes. Looking its best in gunmetal grey, the iPad Pro 9.7 is now the iPad Pro 10.5.

Despite offering 20% more screen real-estate Apple have compensated by greatly reducing the side bezels which means that not only does the screen now completely dominate the front of the tablet but that it still feels incredibly portable.

The new iPad is unthinkingly thin at 6.1-inches and weighs only 480g. These specs become significant when you become conscious how easy it is to read content, watch movies and write down notes all with just one hand holding the tablet.

The phone has the same hard-edged camera bump found on older iPhone models, as it’s a Pro model you get four speakers in each corner, a standard lock button at the top and a headphone jack and Lightning port, featured with the latest version of TouchID in the Home button allowing for speedy access.

By dominating more of the front of the device with the display it immediately becomes easier to use, also it looks superb. At last we can conclude that this is by far and away our favorite design iteration of the iPad yet. We can’t overstate how much of a difference the reduced bezel sizes make to using it


it might be one of the best display’s they’ve ever made truly speaking of that display this is the single best screen Apple has ever put on a tablet, and with a staggering 600 nits of brightness this tablet is brighter than most TVs while a P3 colour gamut makes this a photographer’s dream.

What’s most imposing about it though is the refresh rate. In simple provisions this is the amount of times the screen refreshes the image. Customary screen refresh at 60hz, the iPad Pro refreshes at 120hz.

It is mesmerizingly smooth as per this translates into is a user experience that feels, this technology comes into its own when you start editing video or using the Apple Pencil in addition to it the Video content looks stunning.

It makes you feel that its entirely natural writing on the screen with the Pencil, and thanks to the Pro’s processing power hike we can immediately see this combo becoming an invaluable tool for artists, architects and engineers.


This is where Apple’s main focus stays as it always desire to create a true product to starts, to shine through, iPad Pro recent features as a new A10X chip which boasts six variable speed cores with 64-bit architecture.

It’s a dizzying quantity of power for a tablet that puts it 30% more rapidly than the preceding production and 40% ahead in terms of graphical output as well.

How does this all translate in the real-world? The best and simple answer is that honestly it is the best because simply it removes loading times entirely.

Full equipped with well feature, users felt as unproblematic for the Pro as it would be to type in a web address and press enter. Rendering video, manufacturing extremely influential adjustments to very high-resolution images, navigating complex design drawings.

The real highlights are Photoshop and Lightroom for the users. It helps you in making changes naturally and accurately while the Pro steamed through our edits without once getting uncomfortably warm with the pencil integration, the iPad Pro has been designed with extra effort just to make it more firm just to from the ground up to perform specific tasks fantastically well. Apple’s usual claim for the 10-hour of battery life still after that also it stands up relatively well, however it’s important to note that when using high-performance applications this will drop radically and undeniably when we in progress powering through the apps it did.


This is the same software that the last iPad Pro was running as Apple’s new iPad Pro currently runs iOS 10, With it you’ll be able to run two full amount of apps one by one or pull in a second app as a smaller sidebar. This is fine, but it’s not enough.

31st July to be the Last Day to file Income Tax Returns

Three additional days are left for taxpayers to file their income tax returns for this year. Although there are no penalties, individuals are suggested to avoid missing the point in time since the delay could lead on to a loss of cash. The penalty planned for folks missing the deadline doesn’t apply until next year. Therefore it’s not applicable on ITRs filed for the year 2016-17.

If one wants to claim refunds on advance taxes paid or on tax deducted at source, one will lose the interest payable to them by the IT department on the said amount. The IT department calculates the interest on refund from the start of the assessment year i.e. April 1 till the date of granting of refund.

If one files the return on July 31, the interest will be calculated from April 1. However, if they filed the return on August 1, the calculation will be done from August 1, meaning a delay of one day could result in a loss of four-month interest (April-July).

One must pay penal interest of 1 per cent per month from the due date of return filing till the actual day of filing if they file the IT return after due date with unpaid tax liability. The fine can be accompanied by prosecution by the IT department if the return is filed later than the assessment year and if it exceeds Rs 3,000. In case one fails to file tax returns by the end of the assessment year (for financial year 2016-17, assessment year is 2017-18) and has paid all the tax liabilities, the tax department will impose a penalty of Rs 5,000 if one fails to convince them that the delay was justified or due to an unavoidable/uncontrollable circumstance.

It is necessary to report money deposits higher than Rs. 2 lakh during the demonetisation period, that was from  November 9, 2016 to December 30, 2016 It’s possible that the IT department might contact one via written correspondence asking them to file their return in time.

BJP is Doing Political Corruption, said SP Leaders Akhilesh Yadav

Few moments after Amit Shah set his foot in Lucknow; two MLC leaders from opposition have resigned from the Samajwadi Party and one leader from the BSP has also resigned from the party. Amit Shah has landed in Lucknow for the 3 day organizational visit.

The leaders who have given their resignation are Bukkal Nawab and Yashwant Singh from Samajwadi Party and Thakur Jaiveer Singh from BSP.  Speculations are being made that SP MLC Madhukar Jately might also resign from the party but no official news has come out.

The leaders gave explanation to why they have left their respective parties:

Mr. Yashwant Singh, used the nationalism plank to justify abandoning Samajwadi party  and said that, “Since that day I developed a feeling that it would not be morally right for me to continue in the party whose national president called India weak, and does not have desh prem, but love for China.

Mr. Nawab said he resigned as he was feeling “suffocated” in the SP over the last one year. Criticizing the functioning of the party in recent times, he said the SP reflected an arena more than a party with an organization. “They should not call it the Samajwadi Party but Samajwadi Akhara (people’s wrestling arena),” he said.

Amid of all the resignation game in UP, Former CM and SP President Akhilesh Yadav made several allegations against BJP. Akhilesh said that efforts are being made to buy legislators, councilors. While expressing his views on the resignation of the leaders, Akhilesh Yadav said that, “Political corruption has taken place in Bihar. NDA used to talk about DNA, you see yourself. DNA and NDA have same letters. While passing Sarcastic comment on Nawab’s decision Akhilesh said that, not many days had passed since the Shia leader had treated him with sewai on Eid. “Bahut mithi thi sewai. Abhi Eid gaye kitne din guzre.”

Akhilesh blamed BJP for doing political corruption and has said that, BJP is trying to lure the leaders to come into their party. Akhilesh Yadav has said that, Modi government will get an answer for their doings from the public, as this government is failing in fulfilling the promises that they have make during the elections.

On the other hand Mayawati also expressed her grief on the resignation of MLC leader of their party and said that, “After Goa and Manipur, and most recently in Bihar and Gujarat, the BJP was now trying the same manipulative tactics in UP through misuse of State agencies like CBI and Income Tax department to run a campaign to paint its opponents as corrupt.”