Another Successful Test of a Ballistic Missile Conducted by North Korea

Another successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) had been conducted by North Korea. This test has proved its ability to strike America’s entire mainland, drawing a sharp warning from U.S. President Donald Trump and a rebuke from China.

The midnight launch of the missile on Friday was personally supervised by the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. He said that, “it was a stern warning for the United States that it would not be safe from destruction if it tries to attack,” the North’s official KCNA news agency said.

“The test-fire reconfirmed the reliability of the ICBM system, demonstrated the capability of making a surprise launch of the ICBM in any region and place any time, and clearly proved that the whole U.S. mainland is in the firing range of the DPRK missiles, (Kim) said with pride,” KCNA said. DPRK is short for the North’s official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Last year, The North conducted its fourth and fifth nuclear test and has engaged in an unprecedented pace of missile development that experts said significantly advanced its ability to launch longer-range ballistic missiles.

“By threatening the world, these weapons and tests further isolate North Korea, weaken its economy, and deprive its people,” Trump said in a statement. “The United States will take all necessary steps to ensure the security of the American homeland and protect our allies in the region.” China, the North’s main ally, said it opposed North Korea’s “launch activities that run counter to Security Council resolutions and the common wishes of the international community.”

A foreign ministry statement added: “At the same time, China hopes all parties act with caution, to prevent tensions from continuing to escalate, to jointly protect regional peace and stability.”

Early on Saturday, a live-fire ballistic missile exercise was conducted by the United States and South Korea in a display of firepower in response to the missile launch, the U.S. and South Korean militaries said.

All options are on the table to deal with North Korea, said the Trump administration. South Korean President Moon Jae-in said that, he wanted the UN Security Council to discuss new and stronger sanctions against the North, the presidential Blue House said.

North Korea said that ICBM aims to reach an altitude of 3,724.9 km and flew 998 km for 47 minutes and 12 seconds before landing in the waters off the Korean peninsula’s east coast.

North Korea has carried out this missile test despite international pressures. The Pentagon spokesman of the US Defense Headquarters has also confirmed it. The European Union has described it as dangerous for the world’s peace. Recently, the US Congress has voted for a strict ban on Russia, Iran and North Korea.


War of Words Between Ram Jethmalani and Arvind Kejriwal

The famous lawyer Ram Jethmalani again attacked his former client and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. He has claimed that Kejriwal himself had asked him to use derogatory words against Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. He has claimed that the Delhi CM had asked him to use even more abusive word than crook against Jaitley. On July 20, Jethmalani had written a letter to Kejriwal and had separated himself from fighting the case of defamation filed by Jaitley.

After Arvind Kejriwal’s statement that, he hadn’t asked his lawyer to use defamatory words against Jaitley, Jethmalani is angry. He not only wrote letter to Arvind Kejriwal on July 20 but also sent a copy to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

The lawyer said in a letter that he wrote to Kejriwal on July 20,“When Arun Jaitley filed the first suit and criminal case, you naturally sought my services. Ask your conscience how many times you used worse abuses than a mere ‘crook’. You have hundred times asked me to teach this crook a lesson.” A copy of this was later uploaded on his blog

The development comes close on the heels of the Chief Minister telling the Delhi High Court that he had not asked Jethmalani to use objectionable words against Jaitley.

In response to the application filed by Jaitely Kejriwal told the court that,“That with due respect, it is submitted that neither the answering defendant nor the counsel briefing the senior counsel gave instructions to the learned senior counsel to use the objectionable words… The answering defendant vide letter July 19, 2017 has conveyed to the senior counsel directly that no instructions to use objectionable words were ever given by him at any point of time to the learned senior counsel.”

In his application, the Union minister alleged that he was being asked scandalous questions and attempts were being made to delay the proceedings in the Rs 10 crore civil defamation suit, which he had filed against Kejriwal and five Aam Aadmi Partyleaders in 2015.

India Today's Cover Page is Being Criticized by Chinese Citizens

The cover of the July 31 issue of the India Today magazine has triggered a Photoshop battle after it’s gone viral on Chinese social media platform Wiebo.

The latest Cover Page of India Today Magazine has the map of China, in red, in the shape of a big chicken and a smaller chick — Pakistan, in green — by its side, along with captions that read “China’s new chick” and “How China is buying out Pakistan with massive new investments and why India needs to worry”, below it.

Offended by the depiction and exclusion of Tibet and Taiwan, Chinese netizens are criticizing both the magazine and country for its actions.

The Chinese government claims sovereignty over both Taiwan and Tibet. It considers Taiwan a province and Tibet an autonomous region. However, there have been political tensions over the government’s control of these areas, a scmp report said.

Meanwhile, the India Today magazine cover on China and Pakistan’s growing friendship has been selected as the ‘The Cover of the Day’ by The Society of Publication Designers (SPD), New York. Ashish Bagga, Group CEO, India Today Group, said, “Getting featured in SPD, New York, reflects on India Today’s commitment to set international standards in journalism. Powerful take on pertinent issues is the hallmark of impactful reportage and insights. For India Today, we are happy that we have serviced the Thinking Indian well.”

An article on China’s Global Times said, “Such hysterical geopolitical imagination is nothing new. What is new, however, is the erroneous exclusion of Tibet and Taiwan from Chinese territory.”

It also said, “China and India are currently locked in a border standoff. Some Indian elites understandably hate China and want to carve away Tibet and Taiwan. But they know this is impossibility, so they are reduced to drawing an illustration. It is more ludicrous when the magazine proudly proclaimed that the cover was selected as the “The Cover of the Day” by the Society of Publication Designers, New York.”

A report in the South China Morning Post read, “But Chinese netizens griped over the exclusion of Taiwan and Tibet from China’s map. The Chinese government claims sovereignty over both places, considering Taiwan a renegade province and Tibet an autonomous region, but there are long-standing political tensions over the government’s control of these areas.”

The Taiwan News a Taiwanese news outlet, however, welcomed India Today’s cover. A report said, “In a bizarre reversal of fortune, instead of the usual erroneous inclusion of Taiwan in a map of China, the cover of the latest issue of the magazine India Today, not only excludes Taiwan from Chinese territory, but it also carved away Tibet from its posterior, while a tiny green chick in the shape of Pakistan stands behind it.”


Nawaz Sharif Resigned From the Post of Prime Minister of Pakistan

Pakistan’s Supreme Court convicted Nawaz Sharif in the Panama case. The Bench of five judges ruled that, the case should be prosecuted against Nawaz Sharif and disqualified him from the Prime Minister’s post. After this decision, Nawaz Sharif has resigned from his post and the Union Cabinet has been dismissed.

In fact, in this case Nawaz Sharif along with his relatives was accused of concealing black money, corruption and money laundering. In these cases, he and his relatives have been found guilty. Earlier on July 21, the Supreme Court of Pakistan reserved the judgment in the case of the Panama Papers. The bench of five judges, headed by Justice Ejaz Afzal, had reserved its decision.

As soon as the verdict against Nawaz Sharif came, a big problem has arisen in the way of his political career. The situation in Pakistan’s politics is also not very good as Sharif’s party Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) will have to pick a new leader. This is also important because power can now go out of the hands of his family. On the other hand, the main opposition PPP is not very strong.

Earlier, during the hearing on 21 July, Justice Saeed said that the court will not be disturbed by any law while deciding its verdict. “We are conscious of the fundamental rights of the petitioners and the defendants.” The Supreme Court also opened the last part of the ten-volume report which was filed by Joint Investigation Team (JIT). The Supreme Court had constituted JIT to investigate allegations of money laundering on Sharif and his family.

JIT had said that, the tenth volume of the report should be kept confidential as it contains details of correspondence with other countries. The Sharif lawyers’ team had expressed their displeasure over this. The court ordered the officers to give one copy of the report to Sharif’s counsel Khwaja Haris. Nawaz Sharif, known as the ‘Lion of Punjab’, became the Prime Minister in the politically unstable Pakistan for a record three times, but every time he was forced to quit in the middle of his term — first by the presidency, then the military and now the judiciary.

Sharif had served as the Prime Minister for the first time from 1990 to 1993. During his tenure, Sharif developed serious differences with conservative president Ghulam Ishaq Khan, who dissolved the National Assembly using his reserve powers in April 1993. In July, Sharif resigned under pressure from the army but made a settlement that resulted in the removal of Khan as well.Sharif’s second term as Prime Minister from 1997 ended in 1999 when then powerful Army chief Pervez Musharraf staged a bloodless coup. In a dramatic fall from grace, Sharif ended up in jail, convicted of hijacking charges for trying to stop a plane carrying Musharraf from landing. He then went into exile in Saudi Arabia and did not return to Pakistan until 2007, when he teamed up with the PPP to force Musharraf from office.

Nitish Kumar Once Again the CM of Bihar, Won the floor Test by 131 Votes

Nitish Kumar has won the floor test in Bihar Assembly. The Opposition fumed up today but after all, Nitish got the votes of 131 voters and the opposition got only 108. After marking the victory in the Bihar Vidhan Sabha, the RJD leaders walked out of the House and the proceedings of the House have been postponed.

The special session of the assembly began from 11 am this morning, the floor test happened in the lobby of the Vidhan Sabha.After the voting started in the assembly, one by one member came there and signed upon the register. Nitish has won the floor test, but seeing RJD’s tone, it seems that the government will have to face a strong opposition for the first time.To prove majority in the assembly, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar reached Vidhan Sabha at 10:30 in the morning, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi also reached the House shortly after his arrival. After Nitish Kumar presented the trust vote in the assembly, Radhakrishna attacked Nitish several serious allegations.

Amid of all the drama between opposition party and ruling party, Nitish Kumar before seeking trust vote said that, “To be in power devolves great responsibility to govern, not earn. Yeh sewa ka Avsar hai, na ki mewa ka (It is an opportunity to serve, not profit.” He also added that, “I faced lot of resistance trying to run the government in the best interest of people of Bihar and preserve the mahagathbandhan, but failed due to RJD’s attitude.”

After attacking RJD, Nitish Kumar aimed at Congress and said, they were not able to gather 25 seats and we provided them 40 seats. Speaking further he said that, “The power is not to earn money. I have taken this decision for the people and this government will work for the people of Bihar. Do not teach the lessons of any communalism. Today is the day of Jumma and I do not want any ruckus.”

Tejasvi Yadav, while attacking on Nitish Yadav served him with some serious allegations. He also said that, Bihar’s population had given support to this grand alliance for next five years but by breaking the grand alliance, Nitish Kumar has cheated the population of Bihar.

The RJD-led opposition secured 108 votes. Four legislators did not vote, two on technical grounds and one calling sick. Two of the four independent legislators voted for Kumar in the House of 243.

Speaker Vijay Kumar Choudhary turned the demand of the RJD and Congress for a secret ballot.

Before the vote, opposition leader and former deputy chief minister, Tejashwi Yadav, made an emotional speech, dismissing corruption charges against him were cooked up.

“I am young. Only 28. It was my success, which unnerved the JD (U), which plotted for my removal,” he said, adding that Kumar was aware of his “honesty”.

“Is there any charge against me in the last 20 months of impropriety during my tenure in office?… If it was about corruption, the JD (U) should not have allied with my father, who was facing cases; yet it happened,” he said.

“The chief minister never ever asked for my resignation either,” he said.

Senior BJP leader, Nand Kishore Yadav, alleged that RJD chief Lalu Prasad ran the government through his son Tejashwi.

Sushil Kumar Modi, the deputy chief minister who replaced Tejashwi, said, “I thank the Congress and the RJD for not asking Tejashwi to resign. Had that happened, I would not have been on the right side.”

“If the RJD insists that the mandate was not followed, it should introspect, whether it was for the likes of Mohammad Shahabuddin and Rajballabh Yadav? It is better now, that the government is in right hands,” he said, referring to two controversial aides of Lalu.

“The new government will register fresh milestones in successful governance, which was lacking in the last regime due to RJD’s intransigence,” he added.

Leaving Bill Gates Behind Jeff Became Richest Man in the World

Jeff Bezos, founder of e-commerce retailer Amazon, became the world’s richest man for a few hours. He left behind the Microsoft founder Bill Gates in the race of richest man. In fact, Amazon’s stock has gained about 2.5% due to the increase in their wealth. However, this growth disappeared when the stock market was closed. With this, Bill Gates again became the richest in the world. Jeff Bezos has reached this position due to the boom in US technology company shares. This claim was made in an estimate of Forbes Magazine.

Magazine said that Bezos’s financial and non-financial assets worth 90.5 billion US dollars in the morning, while Gates has an asset of 90 billion US dollars.

However, shortly after, Bezos slipped back to second slot because the lead made by Amazon shares declined. Bezos has around 17 percent equity in Amazon. According to Forbes, Gates is the richest person in the magazine’s annual ranking from last four years.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is also in the list with the assets of  approximately US $ 72.9 billion. Most of Bezos’s assets are in the Amazon, while he is also the owner of Blue Origin Company and the ‘Washington Post’ newspaper.

'Wanted' Actor Inder Kumar Left this World, May his Soul RIP

Salman Khan’s close friend and movie and TV actor Inder Kumar passed away. The 44-year-old actor had a midnight heart attack. At that time he was at his house in Andheri, Mumbai. Although on Wikipedia it has been shown that Inder Kumar died due to a long illness, but later the family explained the reason.

Inder Kumar started his career since the 90’s. With Akshay Kumar,he appeared in Khiladiyo ka Khiladi and he also played role in Salman’s Wanted. Apart from this, he has also appeared in Saas Bhi Kabhi Bhau thi as Mihir.

Inder was shooting for his next Bollywood film ‘Fati Padi Hai Yaar’. His funeral will be done today at 6 pm on Yari Road crimination land. Inder Kumar was originally a resident of Jaipur and used to modeling before entering into the film industry. Inder Kumar had two marriages.

Inder Kumar took the entry in Bollywood from the film Masoom in 1996. In the film Ayesha Zulka was casted opposite to him. After this he appeared in Khiladiyo K Khiladi with Akshay. His famous films include Kuvara, Ghoongat, Dandnayayak, Maa Tujhe Salaam and Hathiyaar.

Inder Kumar and Salman Khan had appeared together in three films – in 2000 Kahi Pyaar na ho jaye, tumko na bhool payenge in 2002 and Wanted in 2009. With Wanted Salman Khan’s career came back on track. Inder Kumar was very close to Salman Khan.