Bengaluru Airport to Become India's First Aadhaar Enabled Airport by 2018

The Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) has announced to make the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) the country’s first airport to be fully Aadhaar-enabled entry and bio-metric boarding system, after a completion of two months trial period in February. The Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) has issued this news on 03rd of October.

As per the media report, BIAL have planned to implement this idea of completely Aadhaar-enabled airport by December 2018, and the initiative is in line with its endeavors to become a Smart Airport with a digitized, seamlessly connected and intuitive features.

BIAL wants to save passengers time while entering the airport at the time of checking. This process enables a passenger to be verified in under five seconds at every checkpoint right up to the boarding gate, completing the screening process in 10 minutes which is less than the current time taken by every passengers i.e. average 25 minutes while checking.

This idea will also help the BIAL to record personal identity of every passenger who were going to enter in the airport area accurately in less time.

As the BIAL executive director and president Hari Marar said with this real-time authentication of passengers, entry using bio-metric readers can enhance security, speed up clearance, validation process and alleviate delays at the airport. In addition to eliminating the need for passengers to present their ID and boarding passes at multiple stages of the airport journey, passengers can expect passage through various touch-points to be smooth and stress free.

The use of bio-metric will only required the verification at each passenger touch-point and will go a long way in improving the flow of passengers, providing a better travel experience as well as greater operational visibility for stakeholders and this will also increase the exponential growth in passenger traffic, there’s an urgency to implement systems that allow quicker transit time, ensuring the smooth ingress and egress of passengers.

The expected date for making the project live will be 30th of March, 2018 and in another 90 days, under phase-2, all domestic airlines will be roped to make phase-2 live. Those boarding international airline flights will be able to access the new system till 04th of October, 2018 and by 31st December, 2018, the project will be completed.

More than 1 Million Without Power, 3 Dead in Puerto Rico after Irma Strikes

In Puerto Rico nearly 70 percent customers of Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority and more than 1-million people are without power. On Thursday, Ricardo Rossello, an government employee said,” the crews are investigating, until they know the extent of the damage. However, it will be difficult to estimate that how long the power outage will last.

Ricardo Rossello said,” Irma left three people dead on the island.”

Hurricane Effect

He added that the island ports are still closed and it is unclear when commercial flights will resume. In Puerto Rico all the schools and government offices are closed this week and scheduled to reopen on Monday.

Rossello said,” the authorities could not estimate how long it would take to get the power back , until the officials were able to survey the damage in whole region.

On Thursday afternoon he said that the service had been restored to 144,000 households which still left nearly 1 million people  out.

He said the things could have been much worse than it seems. Rossello said,” We would start thanking the almighty, and our prayers were answered.”

North Korea may Test Missile for Holiday

On the possibility of launching another intercontinental ballistic missile by  tomorrow when the hermit state celebrates its founding anniversary, South Korea is closely watching North Korea.

On Friday, Eugene Lee, a spokeswoman from seoul’s Unification Ministry said,” Potentially Pyongyang could conduct its next ICBM tests this weekend, another North Korean holiday marking the founding of its ruling party.”

Previously, North Korea has  marked the key dates with displays of military power but now its tests appear to be driven by the need to improve missile capabilities. The North Korea is coming off its most powerful nuclear test and it claimed to the   detonation of a thermonuclear weapon built for its ICBMs that have been flight-tested twice.

While, Donald Trump is refusing to rule out the military action on North Korea. He also refused to be drawn on whether he would be prepared to tolerate a nuclearised state  or not if leader Kim Jong un could be contained.

Mr. Trump told in a press conference overnight ,” North Korea is behaving badly and now it is has to stop all these.”

Mr. Trump said of a possible military confrontation,” Nothing is inevitable But it is something that certainly could happen and it would be a very sad day for North Korea.”

On Monday, The US is pushing for  United nations vote to have a tough new sanctions that was imposed on North Korea which also include an oil embargo, a textiles ban and freezing the assets of Kim Jong un.

On Thursday, In a protest over Pyongyang’s latest nuclear test Mexico  expelled North Korea’s ambassador, Kim Hyong Gil which it said, a grave risk for peace.

According to a statement by the foreign ministry, Kim Hyong Gil was declared persona and non-grata and was given only 72 hours to leave the country.

The statement said,” Pyongyang decision to carry out its sixth most powerful nuclear test was a serious violation of international law.”

The Mexican government said,” North Korea nuclear activity is a grave risk for peace and international security and represents for the increasing threat for the region, for the key allies of Mexico like for Japan and South Korea.”

A hydrogen bomb marks a stunning advance in the North Korea’s demonstrated ability to build high yield nuclear weapons, formally these are called thermonuclear devices. Hydrogen bombs have far stronger potential than simpler fission bombs like bombs used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki  at the end of World War II by the United States.

The blast triggered the global condemnation, calls by the United States, Japan, South Korea and others for stronger UN Security Council against the North Korea.

South Korea has warned its citizens in China to avoid friction and needless arguments with Chinese people after the US military added more launchers to a contentious missile defence system in South Korea that Beijing opposes.

On Thursday,”  Cho June-hyuck, Seoul’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said,” the message posted on the South Korean Embassy website in the Beijing was aimed at protecting the safety of South Koreans in China.

Washington and Seoul say the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system allows South Korea and US troops in the country to better cope with the threat of North Korean missiles.

Over the deployment, China expressed  its anger saying that the powerful radar can be used to peer deep into its territory and monitor its flights and missile.

Asian shares mostly slipped these days as worries remained for ballistic missile and launches nuclear weapons in North Korea and also the damage from Hurricane Irma in the US.

North Korea Nuclear Test 10 Times more Powerful than Hiroshima: Japan

The estimated size of North Korea’s latest nuclear test which is  around 160 kilotons has been upgraded by Japan, which is ten times more than the size of the Hiroshima bomb and was marked as Tokyo’s second  highest  after giving the estimates of 70 and 120 kilotons.

The defence minister of Japan said that The upgraded revision  to 160 kilotons was based on the revised magnitude by the  Nuclear test Ban Treaty Organisation and is more powerful than past nuclear tests.

However,  the latest Japan’s estimate  exceeded the yield between 50 and 100 kilotons which is indicated by the UN political affairs chief Jeffrey Feltman at the UN Security Council.

On Wednesday, The ministry in Tokyo said that the  telephonic conversation  held between Onodera and US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis where both of them agreed to step up the  visible pressure on North Korea.  Onodera told Mattis, the ministry said  that his US counterpart shared the view, ” The North Korea nuclear and missile development is at a new stage of grave and imminent threats.”

However, that was described as a hydrogen bomb by Pyongyang which is mainly  designed for a long range missile that triggered global alarm and divided the international community for a response.

Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador told UN Security Council that Washington would present a new sanctions resolution to be negotiated in upcoming days but the Russian President Vladimir Putin  rejected US calls for more sanctions as useless, on Tuesday.

Among major powers on how to rein in Pyongyang, Putin comments appeared to  widened a split pitting Moscow and Beijing against Washington.  The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is expected to press Putin for his support over the North Korea’s provocation when the two leaders hold talks in the Russian, on Thursday.

The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters ahead of his departure that We have to make North Korea to change its current policy and understand that there is no bright future.

Vietnam Slams China Over Military Drills In South China Sea

Over the military drills in the South China Sea Vietnam has delivered a sharp rebuke to China. This is the second such warning in a week as tensions rise between the countries over the disputed waterway. Vietnam and China have long traded barbs over the resource rich South China Sea which is mostly claimed by the Beijing.

In recent months, the tensions have flared  with Vietnam suspending an oil exploration project which is operated by Spain’s Repsol in an area off its coast which is claimed by Beijing. In June, the meeting between top Vietnam officials and the Chinese generals over border issues was cancelled with a sudden scheduling conflict on both sides.
Latest military drills of Beijing is condemned by Hanoi in the Paracel Island which is a contentious archipelago and claimed by both sides.

On Tuesday, Using the Vietnamese name for the Parcels the foreign ministry spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang said, “Vietnam strongly rejected the China  move and seriously request China to respect for the sovereignty of Vietnam over the Hoang Sa archipelago.”

Last week, the China said,” it was conducting a regular military training in the  maritime area located in the northwest of the South China Sea where the Paracels are located and were claiming for the jurisdiction over the zone.” Both the two countries fought for a brief bloody skirmish over the Paracels in 1974.  China has had de facto control over the islands since then in which more than 70 Vietnamese soldiers were killed.

Some $5 trillion in annual shipping trade passes through the South China Sea, which is believed to be rich in oil and gas deposits. The Tensions between China and Vietnam over the sea came to a head in 2014 when Beijing moved an oil rig into waters area which is claimed by Hanoi. The sparked move weeks of deadly anti China protests across Vietnam.
The Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei and Malaysia also competing to have claim in the sea.

British PM Theresa May Visits Japan With Eye On Brexit Fears

The British Prime Minister Theresa May arrived in Japan with an eye to sooth Brexit fears and pushing ahead the free trade talks with the world’s number three economy. He visited Japan an official visit, on Wednesday.

He was scheduled to sit with Toyota chairman during her three day tour which starts in Osaka. Then she moved to Tokyo where she will meet with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and  Emperor Akihito who visited Britain this year.

In March, formally Britain  told the EU that  it will withdraw itself from the 28 member bloc, stirring behind the fears in Japan about what the move would mean for companies with significant business interests.

Ahead of May’s visit, the Japanese foreign ministry, who is official in charge of European affairs said,” We are going to ask for transparency and predictability so to minimise the impact on our companies.”

Around 10000 Japanese companies do business in Britain in which around 1,40,000 local people are employed with  and many of them were using Britain as as a staging post to do business in Europe.

Toyota and Nissan the famous Auto parts makers  company have factories in Britain,  while last year technology  giant SoftBank announced the purchase of $32 billion British iPhone chip designer with ARM Holding.

But, now the Britain is at risk of losing its passporting rights  that the financial firms use to deal with clients in the European bloc. The foreign companies that set up shop in Britain and established European headquarters to begin looking for alternative locations, the political uncertainty has spurred them.

Japanese megabank Mitsubishi UFJ has said,” Amsterdam and Paris were favourites to be the new European base for its securities operations.”

Daiwa Securities, Brokerage Nomura and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group are planning to move their main EU bases from London to Frankfurt.

Boris Johnson, the foreign minister of Britain has boasted about Japan and UK investment when he visited there but the local firms, who is travelling with their business delegations, keep looking for solid assurances from May.

Ichiro Hara, head of the international affairs bureau at Japan’s top business lobby Keidanren said, “The best scenario for us is that Britain cancels its Brexit decision.”

He told AFP,” if that is not an option we are saying we need a transitional period to mitigate its negative impact.”

May is also expected to focus on pushing forward  the free trade agreement plans between Britain and Japan .

But analysts said that until Japan and the EU wrap up a nearly finalised trade deal  and details of Brexit are worked out there would not be much progress.

Osamu Tanaka, a senior economist at Daiichi Life Research Institute, ” you cannot start official talks about such an idea until Britain leaves the EU.”

Trump to Donate $1 Million for Harvey Flood Relief Operations: White House

Today the White House said that the US president Donald Trump will donate $1 million of his personal money for the relief operations of the flood affected area in Texas and Louisiana which is hit by the catastrophic Hurricane Harvey.

The Hurricane Harvey has brought the heaviest rainfall in US history by soaking  Texas with more than 52 inches. last Friday it  first made landslide and then the heavy flood and rainfall hit in Texas.

As a result  this  around 38 people have been killed in devastating floods and the number was increasing day by day as water receded.

Sarah Sanders, the White House Press Secretary said,” Proudly, he will pledge one million dollars of his own personal money for the help of people of both Texas and Louisiana and he is looking for the best and most effective suggestions on the way to help and provide aid to affected peoples.

She said, “I had the  chance to speak with the president and I am happy to tell you that he would like to join in the efforts that a lot of the people that we have seen across this country do and he is donating a million dollars of personal money to the  relief fund.”

Sarah Sanders also said,”On Tuesday,  Donald Trump travelled to Texas for a first hand assessment of the situation. He would return to the Houston area over the weekend.”

Trump said, “It looks like around 1,00,000  homes were affected and That is a big number. We are going to have 1,00,000 affected homes and all of them were with different degrees of insurance. Some of them are with flood insurance, some are under insured and some  were uninsured.”  Last Friday, when Harvey hit the disaster relief fund had $3.2 billion on hand and the Trump Administration would ask Congress for a responsible supplemental request for more funds.

He said,” We will shortly make that request on the basis of the information that we have. What we will do then is come back later for a second supplemental request when we have additional information that would make a more informed total for Congress to consider.”

Weather reporting site Accuweather had estimated the Harvey’s cost at $160 billion by making it as the costliest natural disaster in US history.  Joel Myers, who is  AccuWeather president called Harvey as 1000 year storm and said  that the parts of Houston will be uninhabitable for  many weeks or months. About 1800 evacuees have been moved to hotels and more than  30,000 people took refuge and 200 are in shelters and other longer term housing options, the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency said.