What Happen To Your Body When You Are In Stress

Our body reacts as per our mood and stress is a part of that. In our day to day life we come across many moods but we got stressed out the reaction of our body becomes bit different. Have you ever noticed how your body reacts when you are in stress? Before we proceed to your body reaction during stress let’s first take a glance of the Signs of stress:

  1. Heart Rate: Our heart starts racing in tense circumstances.
  2. Hormones: Changes that takes place in cortisol and other hormones record in your saliva, not only indicates stress, but as per a recent study, records how well you respond to it.
  3. Blood Pressure: You will notice that vein in your forehead throbs when you’re about to explode. Stress increases the force against the artery walls when the heart pumps blood.
  4. Allostatic Load:
  5. Inflammatory Markers: When you think about stressors it can actually increase irritation such as c-reactive protein that circulates in our bloodstream.

Whenever you get to feel the above mentioned get that you are in stress and try to get rid of the stress immediately. As we are humans we will get stress because of any thing and it can come at any time but you need to face it and get way to solve it.

What happens to your body?

  1. Alarm Signal: whenever you see, hear or observe a risk, your nerves signals forward related message to your brain.
  2. Brain Trigger:The signals reach the amygdala– a part of our brain that helps in decision making and regulates emotions. The amygdala in turn alarms the hypothalamus- it is a part that controls production of hormone.  
  3. Hormone Cascade: The fast-acting part of our nervous system discharges adrenaline.At this time, the hypothalamus creates corticotropin-releasing hormone, initiating an order that finishes with the stress hormone cortisol production.
  4. Messengers: Cortisol, epinephrine a.k.a. adrenaline, and some other chemicals enter our bloodstream and travel throughout our  body.
  5. The Key Master: Now, nearly all our cells in all our organs as well as tissues are studded with proteins named glucocorticoid receptors. Cortisol fits with them as a key fits with a lock.
  6. Response: Cortisol increases our blood sugar. Epinephrine makes the heart pound by  increasing the oxygen flowing into out major muscles. You’re aware of fight or flight.

Looking For Healthy Body Weight Maintenance Follow These Rules

This is a serious question among all the people of the world that what to do and how to maintain their body weight we all know all healthy mind always stay in a healthy body. But before we come to know how we can maintain our body weight it is important for us to know that WHY to maintain it, WHY is  the healthy weight imp?

Healthy body weight helps us to prevent and control many diseases and conditions, reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is important for the overall health of an individual. overweight or obsessive people are at a higher risk of having serious health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems, Android certain cancers. Not only because if these problems or diseases there are many other reasons which makes it impossible for us to maintain our  healthy weight.  Following some of the steps will help you to lower the risk for developing various health problems, it helps you to feel healthy about yourself, and gives you more energy to do your daily routine work with more energy and enthusiasm.

Achieving and maintaining an ideal body weight takes some commitment, but has a tremendous important benefits for your overall health. Diets aren’t the only way which help you to losing weight and be healthy. Dieting can improve your health for a limited period of time but when you become older this will automatically increase you weight.

Losing weight is one thing but keeping it off is another issue entirely. Some people wants to stay healthy or have an equilibrium weight as they want a good personality and standard in the society.. To help make sure all your hard work pays  and stays  off, for you shake you convince and healthy life we’ve put together many  simple steps which will help you attain a healthy body weight for a longer period of time and to work harder to achieve you goals. Maintaining a healthy weight comes down to common sense and will entirely change your way of looking at food. So let’s discuss that how to maintain our a healthy weight:

EXERCISE: Before we had sophisticated technology we used to till the soil, working our body very hard when the sun was up and how we sit, read, write, talk , push buttons and dials. It helps to fell you better, generally, with more oxygen going to your brain and more endorphin circulating helps you to control your body weight. It helps to reduce or eliminates the multitude of Physical ailments. This helps to make your body healthy and natural.

DIET: Controlling your daily routine diet is very important if you want to attain a healthy weight. But it must not be in order that whole week we are neglecting the high calories food and at weekend we are so hunger that eats a lot, so this not gone be work in any way even this will raise your weight to even more. Eating junk food is also like a trend among all ages but it contain less nutrition and more fat and calories, so avoiding this will very much affect you to loose your body weight .

WATER: Drink water as much as you can in a day, this will not increase your weight although it helps you to get good body weight. What feels like hunger can actually be thirst in disguise, so if you find yourself contemplating a stroll to the vending machine, make sure you’re adequately hydrated before you give in to a snack attack.

Be vigilant: You must have to be in the habit not only to adopt the habit of loosing weight but on the same hand  a clear view must have to be given on the reports of your health .It should be not like that you loose your weight and you are not fit now you fall sick . So proper guidance of doctor is also necessary.

Stay active: Be alert all the time and aware of your surrounding. Take active participation in various activities in your society, school , college. Try to avoid lift as much as you can, use stairs instead of that. Make a habit of playing any outdoor games of your choice every week atleast once a week

Eat mindfully: Take you each bite with full satisfaction this help you to get longer fuller. Take a time gap between you bites means not to eat fast , chew slowly and sit on table to take your meal. This will help you to become aware of physical hunger and safety cues. This will lead to reduce your body weight.

In place of preferring online or window shopping, go at grocery stores which helps you to move few steps and burn some calories avoid shopping when you are hungry. This will helps you to choose healthy foods and avoid non-profit nutritious foods like cookies, soda, fast foods.

Cook healthy food at home. Even in restaurants food is often salty and obviously fatty, having high caloric value and of-course un-hygienic. Making your foods at home helps you to eat healthy and nutritive food, also the habit of consuming the right number of calories can be attained if you eat home-made food.

It is recommended to calculate your BMI regularly with-in a month under expert supervision to optimize the immune system, reduce the risk of anaemia, osteoporosis, having more self-esteem. It also increases your energy and welfare level. Limit your alcohol consumption.Weight yourself on regular basis using a bathroom scale on a flat surface, preferably at the same time of day and without clothing.

Who wants to look ugly and fatty? No one . But no one also wants to do some activities for their self to get them a better and healthy stay on earth. Following some simple steps help you to maintain an awesome health, a person with proper physique also looks good and attractive. Loosing your body weight and be in proper state prevent you from various serious health problems and helps you to live a long and healthy life.

Quit Sugar And See The Change: Top Health Benefits Of Quitting Sugar

No one would thought that sugar is more dangerous to human life even more than cholesterol and fat. Its taste is sweet but as we know all glitters are not gold, similarly all sugars are not sweet. So because of this serious problem of sugar many developed countries had already adopted it’s less usage and prefer low sugar products. To consume less fat and less cholesterol, Americans turned to “healthy” low-fat foods that were actually

According to a latest report our daily intake of sugar in diet is around  10% which is much more than a normal level. The American Heart Association tells that half of 6% of daily sugar content in our body come from our daily routine diet.  it is recommended to take  only 6 teaspoons to 100 calories for women, and 9 teaspoons to 150 calories for men. But we humans not want anything less so this intake is very much in count and threat to human life.

In naturally occurring state  It’s found in fruits, vegetables, and dairy as a compound known as fructose or lactose. The problem arises  when sugar is added to foods during the procedure of making content, flavor and taste. This is more common than you may realize—you must have to be in the candy aisle to be protected by problems during intake of sugar .

Eating too many of these empty calories has many health effects Added sugar drives your insulin levels up, messes with your metabolism, and causes those calories to turn right into belly fat. And while losing weight is well and good, that’s just the beginning of the health benefits of cutting back on the sweet stuff.

There are many facts that show that quitting sugar or sweet contents from your daily routine will definitely improve your health and help you to be strong by improving immune system and lowering the risk of many dangerous diseases like cancer diabetes etc. Lowering the sugar stuff from your daily routine will help you to get out of 2 type of diabetes and also help you in lowering the risk of cancer. Quitting sugar from your routine help us in many hidden ways . There are some result that can be experienced by quitting sugar and these are surprisingly very helpful for everyone.


“Sugar wants vitamins,” a nutritional expert tells him. “It makes you feel tired. The World Health Organisation recommends that we get just 5% of our daily calorie intake from sugar. sugar can lead to hyperactivity. However, ironically, quitting sugar can actually give you more energy. Fulling your body with sugar-free alternatives will ensure your have the strength and stamina and you can perform  your work at its peak in an energetic  manner.

Help you to loose weight

“Light” foods are often actually pumped with sugar, which can contribute to weight gain. Many people lose weight  when they quit sugar. That’s because when you eat real whole foods which are higher in fat like  eggs, full-fat yoghurt and butter you feel more satiated and avoid blood glucose crashes. It’s true: fat isn’t responsible for making you fat.  You are gaining weight because of sugar also and by reducing the consumption of sugar you can control your weight. And overweight persons can easily reduce their weight by almost  25- 30 kg.


Quitting sugar can help with a number of skin conditions, from acne to ageing, by reducing inflammation in the body. Your skin will become  completely clear as you leave sweet stuff and you will get a flawless skin. “In this case, you truly are what you eat—it shows on your skin,” Long Gillespie says.


As like alcohols, tobacco and other  harmful products white power sugar is also a kind of addiction. In some situation we need sugar content or products to celebrate and show our happiness. Need of sweet stuff will totally can make you crazy. And you can’t stop yourself from taking sugar as  you are addicted to towards sugar. But to make your willpower as strong as you built your muscles you must have to say no to sugar because once the life goes ,time spend will never come  back. So  now it’s time to say No for a better health.


It also affect your pocket as you can save your money by not buying that costly sugar stuff and prefer products less in sugar or low sugar products because sugar products  are mouth watering  but effect your health very badly in hidden manner.  So what’s good in this that we spend our money to make ourselves weak and to make us sick .It’s foolish to spend money on these things


By reducing the intake of sugar your appetite level will increase. As the sugar will give you more calories and fulfill the body energy requirement. But as you reduce the intake of sugar you will feel more hunger and in that situation to fulfill your body requirement you will eat more and become healthy and also you get addicted to healthy food through this.


As sugar will give more calories and not all are consumed due to which one will feel more anxiety. Taking large amount of sugar make you HYPO and more stressed  and all these issues can be controlled by quitting one habit  of taking sugar.


“A high intake of sugar is associated with metabolic syndrome, a cluster a conditions associated not just with decreased cognitive function, but possibly even with changes to brain structure, “Long Gillespie says .One  who were fed sugar were slower and showed less synaptic activity in their brains. so by quitting sugar you can also increase the sharpness of your brain.


Sweets can eat away at teeth enamel by decaying its upper layer when it comes in contact with water as we eat water after eating sweet dish. By reducing the intake of sugar directly or indirectly you can reduce the number of visits to dentist and can save you money  also.


You often heard about the connection between sweet treats and dental decay and cavities Diet, nutrition and the prevention of dental diseases. Sugar provides a quick food source for bacteria so they can reproduce quickly, causing plaque buildup and that awful morning breath BY quieting the sugar habit you can make your breath  sweeter.

So to improve your health, your mental status, your physical health , you must have to avoid sugar as much as you can .It’s good for you and you are the future of the country try if we are aware then you will be able to make others knowledgeable and aware. so avoid as much as you can to live a healthy and good life . Healthy mind is in healthy body and healthy body can be achieved through avoiding sugar.

Why To Eat Healthy And Clean Instead Of Skipping Dinner

Skipping meals has equal jeopardy and advantages for weight loss. Studies suggest that eating a very untimely dinner or even skipping the dinner may assist you to lose weight. The first human test of in the early time restricted feeding i.e.  eTRF found that meal timing strategy diminishes swings in hunger and distorted fat and carbohydrate burning patterns, which may assist with losing weight.  In the early time restricted feeding people eat their preceding meal by the mid-afternoon and do not eat again until the breakfast the subsequent morning.

According to Courtney Peterson, a researcher at Pennington biomedical research center in the US said,’ eating only during a much smaller window of time than people are typically used to may help with weight losses. Peterson also said that ‘We found that eating between 8am and 2pm followed by an 18 hour daily fast kept appetite levels more even throughout the day, in comparison to eating between 8am and 8 pm, which is what the median American does ’. So as per the new research, it is recommended that eating a very early dinner or even skipping dinner, might have a number of benefits for losing weight.

The body has an inner clock and many aspects of metabolism are their optimal functioning in morning so, acting in an alignment with the body‘s circadian clock by consuming earlier in the day can absolutely manipulate health and this new study shows that this also applies to metabolism. The foremost test of eTRF in humans pursues rodent studies of this approach to weight loss and also found that eTRF reduced fat mass and also decrease the risk of chronic diseases in humans. After that eTRF has tested the impact on calories burned, fat burned and appetite and found that eTRF did not affect how many calories has been burned but it reduces daily hunger swings and increased fat burning during numerous hours at night and this is also observed improved metabolic flexibility which is the body’s ability to switch between burning carbs and fats.

But there are many other researchers which believe that when you skip the meal you are depriving yourself of calories and nutrients which can lead to blood sugar to drop and the metabolism to slow down to preserve body’s energy supply. Also, skipping meals sets you’re up to overeating at your next meal. Skipping dinner is not healthy process nor will it set you for long-term weight loss success. So please honor your body by responding to your hunger signals and nourish it with proper and balanced food. Skipping meals and restricting intake will encourage extreme behavior like binging. Repeating the cycles of binging can reinforce unhealthy eating and can finally lead to chaotic eating practices. Always remember that there is no magic bullet for weight loss so always listen to your body and obey body’s natural hunger and fullness needs. To lose weight develops a healthy eating plan which will definitely work for you and it will be easy for you to achieve your goal of losing weight.

Want To Loose Some Weight?: Include Top 10 Beneficial Items In Your Diet

Welcome to the treasure box of best foods which should be eaten for weight loss. As per the well-liked opinion, lacerating as many calories from your diet craft it achievable to lose weight is not the best possible mode. In its place, you should be packing your diet with full, healthy foods that fill you up and helps you to boost up your energy so you can squeeze it at gym and supply sufficient calories to keep your metabolism guzzling right along. Firstly you all should know about it that health and weight loss is not the similar thing as they both vary from person to person. If you are looking to change your appearance then you should ask yourself that why and how you can accomplish it without harming your physical and mental health. Your weight is influenced by several factors such as your stress levels, your sleeping habits, your hormonal fluctuations and many other health conditions. If you want to lose your weight just try these top 10 super foods which will assist you to achieve what you want.

10 Full fat Yoghurt

His is an excellent dairy food, hormonal which contains probiotic bacteria and which help to improve the function of your gut. Having a healthy gut may assist your body to fight against inflammation and liptin resistance which is hormonal driver of obesity. Be sure to choose full fat yoghurt as it is allied with a reduced risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes whereas low fat yoghurt comprises of sugar and so it is preeminent to avoid it.

9 Nuts

Nuts are very high in fats but they are not intrinsically calorific, as they are excellent snacks which comprise of the balanced amount of fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Numerous studies have shown that nuts can perk up metabolic health and even cause weight loss. It is also observed that people who consume nuts tend to be healthier and leaner in comparison to those people who do not consume it. They comprise of high calories so make sure not to go overboard.

8 Avocados

Avocados are unique in it as it is high in carbs and are overloaded with healthy fats. They are mainly high in monounsaturated oleic acid, which is the similar kind of fats found in olive oil. It comprises of a lot of water and is not energy dense as you can think. They are ideal when consuming as the salad as studies show that fats in the can boost the nutrient uptake from vegetable, it contains in it essential nutrients such as potassium and fiber.

7 Soups

Soups are the best option you should choose to lose weight as it is shown in the studies that eating the identical food apart from made in the soup as an alternative to a solid food, makes people more fulfilled and abet appreciably fewer calories.

6 Boiled potatoes

There are numerous properties that make boil potatoes perfect food for weight loss and ideal health as they comprise of an incredibly diverse range of nutrients and a petite tad of approximately everything which is needed by a body. Potatoes are very high in potassium which most the people do not get enough of and it plays a significant role in blood pressure control too. Similar to these sweet potatoes, turnips and many other root vegetables are also very good for weight loss.

5 Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables comprise of cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels and broccoli and like any other vegetables they all are high in fiber and are incredibly fulfilling. These kinds of vegetables also tend to include decent amounts of protein. These vegetables are the deal to include in meals as they are the amalgamation of fiber, protein, and low energy density. These are highly nutritious and also contain cancer-fighting substances too.

4 Beans and legumes

Many beans and legumes are there which are very beneficial for weight loss such as black beans, kidney beans, lentils and many others. They are very rich in protein fiber and also these are the only nutrients which lead to satiety as they also tend to comprises of some resistant starch. If anyone has problem tolerating these legumes then it is vital to prepare them properly.

3 Some whole grains

Here are many grains which are really very healthy such as brown rice, oats, and quinoa. Out of them, oats are loaded with beta glucans i.e soluble fibers that have shown increase satiety and help to improve metabolism. Both brown and white rice comprises of resistant starch. As if you are on a low calorie diet with a weight loss process in your mind then you should avoid refined grains as they are high in carbohydrate and are disaster for your health but you should have some of these healthier grains which are listed above.

2 Fruits

Studies show that the people who consume fruits tend to be healthier than people who do not. As fruits have properties that make people achieve their goals f weight loss,  although  they contain sugar in it but they have a low density and take time to chew and also the fiber in it assist to prevent sugar from being released too fastly in blood.

1 Egg

Out of all whole eggs as being high in calories are the best among all foods which should be consumed for weight loss. Eggs are very rich in protein and healthy fats and also make you feel full throughout the day and with a very low amount of calories. Eggs are nutrient dense and can assist you to get all nutrients which are essential for a calorie restricted diet.