Rahul Gandhi commented Demonetisation was a Disaster, Disagrees to celebrate 'Anti-Black Money Day'

The NDA government, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said the two major changes had ruined the country’s economy i.e GST and demonetisation. He also talked about the celebration of the anniversary of the note ban, as ‘Anti-Black Money Day’, on November 8, as per him the decision taken by the government had been a disaster.

Rahul after a meeting with former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the national capital said “November 8 is a sad day for India. But the BJP said that they will celebrate November 8 as ‘Anti-Black Money Day‘. I don’t know what is there to celebrate,”

He further said “PM has failed to understand the pain the country’s poor have gone through. He still hasn’t accepted the reality. Demonetisation was an out and out disaster.”

As per Rahul, the decision taken by the Prime Minister affected the people of our nation to a large extent, he before taking any decision should have understood the feelings of the nation’s proletariat and give up the plan to hold festivities for a policy decision which resulted in the number of deaths.

Earlier, the Congress general secretaries discussed note ban anniversary and concluded that they will join the celebration of ‘Black Day’, but now as per the current sources, it has been informed that on November 8, Rahul had discussed plans for the nationwide protests.

The Narendra Modi government implemented the note ban on 2016 by marking the note ban anniversary as Black Day, and almost 18 opposition parties have banded together against it.

Finance minister Arun Jaitley had declared that the government will celebrate November 8 as ‘Anti-Black Money Day’  and he also requested all the counter opposition campaign, including all prominent leaders, union ministers, state ministers to participate in programmes across the country.

Gujarat Assembly Election 2017: Voting on 9, 14 December, Results on Dec 18

The much-awaited dates of Gujarat assembly election are finally announced. It will be held in two phases on December 9 and 14 respectively, the Election Commission (EC) announced on Wednesday. In phase 1, 89 Assembly constituencies will vote and remaining 93 will vote in phase 2. On December 18, counting of votes will take place. The chief election commissioner AK Joti said that both Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trails (VVPATs) and electronic voting machines will be used.

To “maintain secrecy in voting”, the height of the voting compartment has been increased from 24 to 30 inches. The CEC said that the maximum spending limit for each candidate has been fixed at Rs 28 lakh. Out of total 50,128 polling stations in Gujarat, 102 will be entirely operated by women. The election commission came under fire for delaying the announcement of elections in Gujarat. The Congress, on the other hand, accused the EC and the BJP of ‘plotting’ to allegedly postponement the Assembly elections in the state. They claimed that the Gujarat election dates weren’t announced to give PM Modi and his party enough time to last-minute “sops” to woo voters.

CEC Joti, on the other hand, defended the delay and said that it ensured the state did not spend a long period under the MCC as there was “no justification” for it. He also added that the Gujarat government had told the election commission that it needed the time to whole relief work ahead the code came into power.

RaGa's Weather Report on Gujarat, Modi's Rains for Gujarat & Hail for Cong


Rahul Gandhi in a tweet today, said that there will be a rain of rhetoric on Gujarat. The tweet does not add much more meaning to the delay in polls to beheld in Gujarat, which were delayed by the CEC AK Joti, citing reasons ranging from Patidar situation to flood management in the state.

The BJP also gave a sop to farmers at a rally in Gandhinagar, where in the rally were present, our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and his aide Mr Amit Shah, among others from the Gujarat BJP.

The message that RaGa intended to convey was based on the fact the same practice the Congress has also been following for the past so many years. This practice involves giving sops to the electorate right before the elections. This pattern is seen everywhere in our country and in the states.

The Modi-Shah duo today seem charged and exhorted the party unit to give their best shot for the upcoming polls. The gravity of the turf was laid down by Shah, when he said that this is our home, and it is a matter of pride for us to win 150+ seats in the state.

The overall situation in Gujarat seems to be one where the electorate is missing their leader, Mr Modi. Modi on the other hand, talked about the overall developmental work carried out by the BJP government at the state and the policies of the Centre as well that have helped the masses of Gujarat.

Mr Shah urged all the party workers not to sit idle after the Diwali but to ensure that the electorate gets along, and their grievances are conveyed to the party so that more inclusiveness and re-dressal may be achieved.

The BJP lost the Gurdaspur LS seat to Congress today in a bye-election due to the death of Dr Vinod Khanna, this event has upped the ante of the party in establishing connections with the masses, and mobilising workers with more aggression.

The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr Vijay Rupani also gave the farmers of the state a promise of giving a loan waiver up-to 3 Lacs amongst other initiatives.

The BJP may seem more aggressive as it actually is a matter of pride for them to win the state assembly, Modi has openly accredited Shah for his ashwamedha in India since 2014, and has reposed his faith in his execution in Gujarat this time.

Though the aggression may be justified but under the BJP all these years, Gujarat has made actual progressive on many fronts. The voters may openly choose, as it is their right, but they must also see the what they might lose if they choose to go for an alternative.

The BJP has given the state a balanced and a delivering government with almost no communal riots. The inter-caste incidences which occurred, are not the perpetrated by the state but by the people who transgress the bounds of the law.

Also, RaGa is, unbelievably Modi-fying himself and the split Congress bastion is Gujarat may not be a plausible alternative. The scamsters they after-all are. Thus they do not need another chance to prove us right.

"Serious Questions": SY Quraishi's Dig at the Election Commission

The Election Commission of India announced the date for assembly elections in the state of Himachal Pradesh, the move was a break from the conventional move by the election where on past three out of four occasions it has announced the elections for Gujarat as well on the same day.

This move has again come under heavy fire from not just the Opposition but also, ex-Chief Election Commissioner has raised his fingers at the EC for not announcing the elections like before!

The dig possibly taken by the ex-CEC,

The ex-CEC has given a statement that has given a rallying ground to the entire opposition out of no cause!

has a tone of an extra-constitutional mandate where the vociferous advocate of the dignity of the election commission, and freedom in India, has tried to seek explanation in a covert remarked which directly malign the trust of the masses in a Constitutional body.

The CEC, is learnt to have asserted that the break from the past three occasions when the elections in the twin states were not held simultaneously aims at a something of grave nature that casts aspersions on the independent functioning of the apex constitutional body which is tasked with holding free and fair elections in the nation.

These remarks have been echoed in the corridors of the opposition parties where we see the Congress as well as CPI(M) blaming the Election Commission of hobnobbing with the ruling BJP to delay the polls in Gujarat.

The assembly election for Himachal will be held on the 7th of November, 2017, as the session of the assembly expires on the 1st of January, 2018.  The CEC, AK Joti has also asserted that the elections in the state of Gujarat will be held in the month of December, 2017.

There have been no reasons given for the delay and the existing furore over the election dates possibly does not hint at any sharing of any sort of understanding between the EC and the BJP.

The election pitch is very rough in the nation, given the BJP’s ashwamedha where they are seen to be reaching out to masses and sweeping one state after the another. The pitch in Gujarat is the most hotly contested as Gujarat is the home-state of the Prime Minister.

There is no official assessment to show that there is an anti-incumbency wave in Gujarat, given the fact that Mr Rupani, Chief Minister of Gujarat has been trying to work round the clock to keep the Patidar stir and the minority sentiment in check.

The recent allegations against Jay Shah of favouritism in operating his business is also being seen as one instance where the Congress and other political outfits might have an advantage over the BJP.

This makes the allegations all the more lacking any sort of veracity. There may be many possible and unbiased reasons for the delay in conducting the polls.

Unfortunately neither the CEC nor the political parties do take note of the fact that their desperation is ill-found. The recent trend of maligning the Constitutional bodies is one-act that erodes the trust of the common citizens in the polity, where the people in power must refrain from such remarks.

The political parties or for that matter, even the CEC  could have asked the EC for the reasons of breaking away from the convention. Again the conventions are not a recognised mandate that may not be followed, as it is out of choice.

This is not a good indication for the masses who have faith in the system.

The Congress has seemingly crammed the administrative excesses perpetrated by their leaders of the past, thus they find the faults in every move any Constitutional body takes. The hypothesis of tyranny has led to the birth of the worst tyrants in the history.

Today, Mr Rahul Gandhi is visiting all the Hindu shrines, wearing a tilak on his forehead, is he a Modi-ist himself? Is he trying to learn from him?

Modi-fication of Rahul Gandhi.

Let us give the daily soap like outlook of our parties and the irresponsible remark by our ex-CEC gets a befitting reply from the CEC AK Joti.


Rahul Gandhi VS BJP Bigwigs: Indian Politics dropped at its Lowest

Isn’t this the right time to think where the Indian politics is going? Well, all we can do is show you what the Indian politicians said to each other today and set another bad example for the Indian politics. The Bharatiya Janata Party bigwigs like Amit Shah, Smriti Irani, and Yogi Adityanath, on the other hand, were questioning Gandhi’s development at his constituency – Amethi.

Here’s what Rahul Gandhi said:

The Congress vice-president and soon to be President Rahul Gandhi attacked the saffron party and alleged that you won’t see a single woman in shorts at their shakas. “Inka (BJP’s) main sangathan RSS hai. Kitni mahilayan hain usme? Kabhi shaakha mein mahilaon ko dekha hai shorts mein? Maine to nahi dekha,” the Congress vice-president said. Attacking further on the RSS and the BJP, he said, “Inki thinking hai jab tak mahilayen chup rahen, kuchh bolein na, tab tak mahilayen theek hain. Jaise hi mahila ne munh khola, usko chup karvao.” The 47-year-old leader said that his party is not against development, but it should benefit everyone.

While talking to displaced families regarding the protest of tribal families, Gandhi said that “You lost your land for the development of Gujarat, you should be protected, compensated. What you didn’t get in 22 years, Congress will give you in six months if we form a government in Gujarat”. In an attack on the PM Modi, he said, “Before 2014 elections, Modi said he doesn’t want to be the PM but a chowkidar (gatekeeper) of the nation. Chowkidar ke saamne chori hui….to vo chowkidaar the ya bhaagidaar.” The 47-year-old leader also said that “First they started ‘Beti Bachao’ program. Now it has changed to Amit Shah ke bete ko Bachao (save Amit Shah’s son)”. “On one hand, PM Modi talks about StartUp India. On the other hand, GST and demonetization have ruined the small business owners of the nation. Only Amit Shah’s son’s business flourished,” said the Congress leader and vice-president.

Here’s what BJP bigwigs said:

The saffron party president Amit Shah attacked the Gandhi in his own constituency – Amethi. “You have trusted the Gandhi-Nehru family for 60 years. You put your trust for once in the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, you will not regret,” Shah said. Calling Gandhi as “Shehzada of Congress”, Shah said that the Congress leader can’t see the development work done by the BJP government because he is wearing Italian glasses. “He (Rahul) is seeking answers from the Modi government for its performance of last three years but the people of Amethi are seeking answers from the three generations of Gandhi family which has ruled from panchayat to Parliament in the last 70 years,” the party president said.

Commenting on the Gandhi’s visit to Gujarat, Shah said, “There are two development models in the country. One is Gandhi-Nehru model while another is Modi model. In Gujarat, there is the 24-hour power supply, drinking water in every house, a good public health center in every tehsil.” The UP CM Yogi Adityanath also attacked the saffron party and said that the Congress can’t develop the country as they have no vision. While talking about the Union Minister Smriti Irani, who lost the elections from Amethi, also attacked the Congress leader of making fun of development in Gujarat but have no answer on the development status of his own backyard in Amethi.

“This state was once ruled by the Congress and the Gandhi clan has been representing Amethi for long. Now is the time for them to answer the people why there has been no development,” said Irani. She also attacked the Congress party of failing the people of Amethi and cheating with the farmers by grabbing their land through Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. The 41-year-old leader said that “A vast stretch of land was given by farmers’ long back for construction of the Samrat cycle factory. When nothing much happened, there is an effort to occupy the land illegally and despite eviction notice, they are not letting the land go”.

Resounding Victory of BJP in Phase One of Gram Panchayat Polls

On Monday the BJP saw a major victory in the phase by emerging as the clear winner in the first phase of gram panchayat polls.

As per the current report on 7 October, the first phase of gram panchayat election was held which was spread over the 18 districts went to polls of 3,884-gram panchayats. on Monday by 7 pm the results of 2,974 bodies were released.

The seats won the highest seat 1,457, and the others are as following:

  • Congress (301)
  • Shiv Sena (222)
  • Nationalist Congress Party (194)

In the first-ever direct election, the BJP has recorded an impressive win in the majority of gram panchayats as well as in the posts of sarpanch.  BJP has held its fort in most of the places, But some places like Beed district of Marathwada Parali, and Buldhana district in Vidarbha Congress has emerged victorious, as per the report.

“Happy with the result the hat-trick of victories, the victory comes back to back we scored in the municipal council, Zilla Parishad, and municipal corporation polls. The measures and welfare programmes that the Modi government and the Fadnavis government are implementing are reaching the rural population and the victory proves that right,” said Raosaheb Danve in a statement.

It was the correct decision for the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), to hold direct elections for the Sarpanchs in Maharashtra, as it resulted in a successful end. A right move was taken by BJP.

Akhilesh Yadav Re-Elected as SP Chief for Next 5 Years

On Thursday, the former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav, had been unanimously re-elected as national president of the Samajwadi Party. This news was declared by the senior SP leader Ram Gopal Yadav at the party’s national convention in Agra. The 44-year-old year will now lead the party for the Lok Sabha 2019 elections and the scheduled Assembly election in 2022.

The tenure of the Samajwadi Party chief was for three years in the past, but the party constitution amended to extend it for five years. Just a day ahead of his re-election as the Samajwadi Party president, the 44-year-old leader’s estranged uncle Shivpal Yadav called and congratulated him. Akhilesh said that “I got the benefit of my age and our relation. He gave me blessings and congratulated me”. The Samajwadi Party chief also said that his party’s alliance with the Congress party will continue despite the fact of a poor show in the Assembly elections earlier this year. “Our friendship will remain,” said Akhilesh.

Lashing out at the Modi government over the failure of demonetization, Akhilesh said that “Our fears over the note ban have come true. Now its ill effects are visible. Voices of dissent are emanating even from within the BJP on the issue”. “Traders are groaning under the adverse impact of GST. The government has betrayed the business class by launching GST with much fanfare. Business has come to a standstill, inflation is rising and traders are in a state of mental shock,” the 44-year-old leader said. The former UP Chief Minister added that “The BJP rakes up issues to divide the society. Its favorite issues are cow and cow dung, shamshan (cremation ground) and kabristan (burial grounds) and not development”.