Tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, PM Modi Inagurated APJ Abdul Kalam Memorial

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated former President APJ Abdul Kalam Memorial at Rameswaram in Tami Nadu on Thursday. India’s missile man APJ Abdul Kalam’s death anniversary is on Thursday. He died on July 27, 2015. This monument has been constructed by Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO).

PM Modi unveiled a statue of Kalam in the memorial and paid floral tribute to the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. On this occasion, the PM also spoke to the members of the former President’s family. The Prime Minister also flagged off the ‘Kalam Message Correspondent’ exhibition bus, which will travel to different states of the country. On October 15, the bus will reach the Rashtrapati Bhavan on former President’s Birth anniversary.

Speaking on the occasion of inaguration of Kalam memorial, Abdul Kalam’s nephew said that, “this monument will reflect India’s diversity and different cultures.” He also added that, this monument is a tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and will show replicas of rockets and missiles. He also said that this monument will look grand like India Gate. He also said that Kalam worked in ISRO, where he helped develop SLV3 and he is also in the exhibition.While expressing his words of wisdom in a Publiuc rally in Mandabam PM Modi said that, “Rameswaram has a vital place in our history and it is also known as a place so closely associated with Dr Kalam. It is this sacred land that gave India one of its most famous sons Dr APJ Abdul Kalam”

Along with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam PM Modi also talked about former chief minister Jayalalitha, Modi said I can feel the void created by her demise. If, she was here today in our midst, she would have been very happy and extended her good wishes. She is a leader we all remember, Modi said.

357 Bureaucrats, 24 IAS Officers Punished For Poor Performance: PM Modi

To make its workforce accountable, the Modi government believes in ‘Perform or perish’ one of the mantras of good governance, said the ministry official.

Actions like premature retirement and cut in remuneration against 381 civil services officers, including 24 from the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers, for being non-performers and allegedly being involved in illegal activities has been taken by the Modi Government.

It highlighted these measures in a booklet titled ‘3 years of sustained HR initiatives: Foundation for a new India’ and in a presentation made before Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently. “To ensure accountability of bureaucracy, the government has made probity and performance the twin pillars on which good governance rests,” the booklet said.

It said the records of 11,828 Group A officers, including 2,953 all India services like the IAS, the Indian Police Service (IPS) and the Indian Forest Service (IFS), were reviewed. The service records of 19,714 Group B officers were also reviewed to eliminate the deadwood and the corrupt.

In the presentation before the prime minister, the ministry said action was taken against 381 bureaucrats.

A total of 25 Group A officers, including one IAS and two IPS, and 99 Group B officers were prematurely retired by the government, the ministry said.
As many as 21 civil servants, including ten IAS officers, deemed to have resigned, it said.The penalties like dismissal, removal or compulsorily retirement and cut in pension was imposed on 37 Group A officers that included five from the IAS. In addition to this, 199 Group A officers, including eight from the IAS, were penalised on remuneration, it said.

Today PM Modi Will Reach Israel for a Three days trip

Narendra Modi has become the first Prime Minister to travel Israel. He will reach Israel today. Modi had recently said that there is a long-standing relationship between India and the Jewish country Israel. It is expected that there may be agreement on military and cyber security between the two countries during Modi’s visit.

It has been  said that Modi will not go to Ramla. That means he will not meet the Palestinians leaders. It has happen so far that people have also been visiting Palestinian leaders after Israel.
This journey of Modi is being considered as a major step. There have been diplomatic relations between India and Israel for 25 years, but due to the large Muslim population in India, there was a balanced activity between the two countries. Both countries have been working together for years on fighting terrorism, in security, agriculture, water and energy sector.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this visit is very important. According to the Times of Israel, Netanyahu said that the relationship between the two countries is constantly stirring. Indian Prime Minister will also meet the Israeli boy named Moses, whose parents were killed in the terrorist attack on the Jewish Center in Mumbai in 2008.

This is the first visit of any Indian Prime Minister after establishing diplomatic relations with Israel in 1992.Israel, journalist, Harendra Mishra said that preparations for Modi’s arrival are on roll.

According to Harendra Mishra, “Netanyahu will stay with Modi in a three-day trip. It is being said that Israel has never witnessed such grand reception for anyother leader who has visited Israel in past few years. Harendra Mishra said that around 80 thousand people of Indian origin live here and they are getting very much excited.
Mishra said that Modi will also address the people of Indian origin too. The discussion of Modi’s visit in the Israeli media is quite significant. Mishra said that this discussion is also because Modi will not go to the Palestinian Territories.

"Youth of the Nation" Book by PM Modi to be Later this Year

PM Narendra Modi never fails to surprise us with his smart and unique decisions. Recently it has been heard that, PM Modi is going to write a book, in which he will address the youth of the country and willl talk about the core isuues like overcoming examination stress,keeping one’s composure and even what to do after the exams are over through his book.

The book will be published into multiple language and will be out later thsi year, infomed Publisher Penguin RAandom House India.

The book will cover many aspects that students can relate to, especially with regard to the crucial class X and XII examinations. Through the book, the prime minister hopes to become a friend of the students and support them as they prepare for the examinations, said the publisher.

“I have chosen to write on a subject that is close to my heart and one that is fundamental to my vision for a youth- driven and youth-led tomorrow,” a statement by the publisher quoted Modi.

Bluekraft Digital Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation, will be the technology and knowledge partner for the book.

Milee Ashwarya, editor-in-chief for the commercial and business divisions at PRH India and the publisher of the book said that, “In a rare and unique initiative, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to directly address the state of the students through his book.”

Narendra Modi New India Vision Will Help US Job Creation: Sean Spicer

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “vision for a new India” will also generate jobs in the United States, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said. It will be a first visit to the US for PM Modi after President Trump took over the administration. The White House said that Modi will meet Trump on June 26 to “set forth a common vision” to make bigger the US-India partnership.

On June 26, the leaders of the world’s two biggest democracies, home to 1.6 billion people, will discuss on a range of bilateral issues including terrorism and India’s distress over probable changes in H1B visa rules as well. The White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters at his daily conference that “US energy and technologies, including natural gas, are helping to build Prime Minister Modi’s vision for a new India and creating thousands of US jobs in the process”. In spite of the recent interruptions over the issue, Spicer said that US-India trade has grown six-fold since 2000, from 19 billion to USD 115 billion in 2016, adding that the Indian economy is growing at more than 7 percent. Spicer also said that the two leaders were expected to set forth a “common vision” on enlarging the US-India partnership. He focused on fighting terrorism, promoting economic growth and reforms and widening security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region as common priorities.

“I think you can expect the two of them to set forth a vision that will expand the US-India partnership in an ambitious and worthy way of both countries’ people,” said the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to the reporters at his daily news conference. “The President looks forward to discussing ways to strengthen ties between the United States and India and to advance our common priorities: fighting terrorism, promoting economic growth and reforms, and expanding security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region,” Spicer announced on Monday. He added, “President Trump and Prime Minister Modi will look to outline a common vision for the United States-India partnership that is worthy of their 1.6 billion citizens.”  The US President invited PM Modi to Washington after Modi rang him in January to congratulate the new President on his inauguration.

While responding to a question, Spicer said, “The president and the prime minister have had a number of positive phone conversations, and expect to further that discussion … whether it’s economic growth and reforms, fighting terrorism, expanding our cooperation as major defense partners.” It is expected that the bilateral talks between India and US are not going to be milk and honey as they will meet in the thick of prickly issues like US plans to decrease the number of H-18 visa slots that are mostly used by Indian IT workers, and the recent controversial withdrawal from the historic climate agreement. On the other hand, the External Affairs Ministry in New Delhi said that the meeting would give a new direction for rooted bilateral agreements “on issues of mutual interest and consolidation of multi-dimensional strategic partnership”.  PM Modi’s US visit would begin on June 25, the Ministry said.

In the last week annual press meet, the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said that Modi would raise the issues neighboring the US’ plans to lessen the number of H-1B visa slots that are commonly used by Indian IT Workers. According to a Pew Research Center analysis of government data, approximately 1.8 million H-1B visas have been distributed in fiscal years 2001 through 2015. Talking about the largest share from fiscal years 2001 to 2015, the workers from India had received the biggest share (50.5 percent) of all H-1B visas for the first-time employment. PM Modi’s US visit would begin on June 25 especially, comes into the environment of Trump’s announcement to withdraw the US from the historic Paris Climate Accord signed by over 190 countries. While announcing the decision of withdrawal from the historic Paris Climate Agreement for which he received a global criticism, Trump had blamed China and India for the US withdrawal.

Trump had said, “India makes its participation contingent on receiving billions and billions of dollars from developed countries.” Solidly rejecting Trump’s argument, India had cleared that it had signed the Paris deal not under pressure or the lure of money but due to its commitment to protect the environment. During PM Modi’s visit to France this month, he even said that India would “go above and beyond” the Paris climate deal to protect climate for the upcoming generations. Adding to this, Modi and Trump are expected to discuss defense ties as well.

Modi Meets Xi Jinping, SCO Summit in Kazhakstan

Today,  Narendra Modi met China’s President Xi Jinping before the start of the Shanghai cooperation organisations (SCO)  summit at Astana in Kazakhstan. For nearly in between eight months both leaders are meeting for the first time, after India boycotted the high profile Belt and Road Forum held in Beijing last month in which 29 world leaders took part.
The meeting comes in between the tense diplomatic relations between both the countries over various host issues, including Pakistan China economic corridor and India’s nuclear supplier group. Narendra Modi is expected to flag the issues that have bedevilled India-China ties which including Beijing’s consistent blocking New Delhi’s efforts to sanction JeM chief Masood Azhar at the UN, and the China Pakistan Economic Corridor that runs through Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

SCO Summit: Modi Message to China & Pak in SCO Summit

China renamed six places in Arunachal Pradesh after it protested to the Dalai Lama’s visit to the state, in April.  Despite of all these controversial issues officials from both sides expressed some hope that Modi and Xi would at least try to put bilateral ties back on track in the BRICS Summit in Xiamen in September. Earlier, Narendra Modi exchanged greetings with prime minister Nawaz Sharif. Both the leaders were at lounge at an opera in the evening, before the concert in Kazakhstan. But according to the sources reports Modi and Nawaz Sharif swaps  greetings, when they come across each other after Sharif operation and also Modi enquired about his health and about his mother and his family’s health.

This meeting was their first meeting since 2015 , when Modi flied down on a surprise visit to Pakistan. Today,  Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in  Kazakhstan capital on a two days visit to attend Shanghai cooperation organizations  (SCO) summit where India and Pakistan will be included as full member. Modi and Jinping are expected to cross the path at G20 summit which in going to be happened next month in Hamburg,  Germany and is followed by Brazil,  Russia , India,  China and South Africa submit to be held in xiamen , China in September this year.

Nuclear Deal to be Signed at Annual Summit in Russia By PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has landed in Russia’s St. Petersburg to attend the annual summit with President of Russia Valdimir Putin. It is expected that India and Russia may sign an agreement to build last two units of Kundankulam Nuclear Power plant with the help of Moscow. Apart from this agreement, India and Russia are expected to sign twelve other agreements in the sectors like Science and Technology, Railway, Cultural Exchange and other bussiness areas between private parties. The meeting of Prime Minister Modi and President Putin might result in the stronger bond between India and Russia and boost trade and resolve tension over shifting alliances between the countries. The two units of the plants with the production capacity of 1,000 MW of electricity will boost India’s Nuclear power generation.

This agreement was supposed to be signed by 2016 between these two countries but the line of credit extended by Russia proved to be the hurdle in the way. The Kundankulam power plant are being built by Nuclear Power Corporation of India Pvt.Ltd. and Atoms-troy expert, a subsidiary of Rosa-tom, the regulatory body of Russian Nuclear Complex.

Pm Modi WIth Russia President

“There is a lot of mutual trust and personal chemistry between the two leaders that has developed the last two years said,” Pankaj Saran India’s ambassador to Russia, told PTI. Later he also added that, “the leaders will take stock of the current relationship and discuss the blueprint for the vision of the future.”

Prime Minister will also attend the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum tomorrow. It is the first time that an Indian Prime Minister is attending the business summit.