5 reasons Why Either Dhoni or Yuvraj or Both Should be Dropped from ODI Team for 2019 WC?


Even if you are true fans of Dhoni or Yuvraj, you can digest this article as we’re not gonna criticize any of these legends, but talk about some of the real facts that why they’re not ideal choice for the 2019 ODI World Cup. The best recent examples of the performance of these two cricketers were witnessed at the Champions Trophy and that was really not impressive at all. From the age factor to the level of fitness, the drastic change in these two cricketer’s isn’t good for anyone either fans or the Indian cricket team. There are many of the legendary cricketers like Rahul Dravid, Ajit Agarkar, and Adam Gilchrist also backed by the fact that it’s the right time to understand the role of these cricketers in the Indian Cricket team. In this Article, we will show you some of the reasons why it’s the right time for Dhoni and Yuvraj to retire from international cricket.

  1. Struggling with poor form from a very long time

Am I the only one who’s missing the real and original Mahendra Singh Dhoni style of batting? No, we all are missing it and that too from really a long time. I haven’t witnessed any spectacular performance from Dhoni in recent years and to a certain level, not even from Yuvraj Singh. There is no doubt in that they’re the legendary cricketers but they’re not playing their own game and failing to remember it the way they used to play. To plan a good ODI team for the World Cup 2019, the selectors have to do something for these two legendary cricketers or Dhoni and Yuvraj should start working hard to finish their poor form ongoing period.

  1. Age really matters

If you see that both Dhoni and Yuvraj are 35 years old and are not going to get younger, so they have to work very hard to maintain the level of fitness of young cricketers like Virat Kohli or Hardik Pandya. Over the past few years, we all have witnessed a big change in the playing style of Dhoni and Yuvraj and that’s not good for the Indian team at all. They are playing at 4th and 5th number (Middle order), which is a place/time to play like any of the T-20 game, but sometimes they even struggle with playing like an ODI game. There is no doubt in that the age is not on their side.

  1. Impacting the entire middle order

Both Yuvraj Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni play at the 4th and 5th position, where we expect them to play a speedy cricket to help the Indian team in reaching the bigger score, but they’re neither utilizing their positions nor are they helping in building a bigger scoreboard for the team. It is also impacting new exploring new talents to perform properly or experience the vital 4th and 5th position. We have witnessed in the Champions Trophy that team India is fully dependent on the 1st three batsmen and if they failed to perform well, it becomes difficult for Dhoni and Yuvraj to handle the situation. That’s why the middle order needs a big change.

  1. Time to give opportunity to youngsters

We can provide you the names of plenty of young cricketers who are getting the chance to play in the Indian team despite having good talents because we are not making any place for them. Some young talents like Rishabh Pant, Ishan Kishan, Sanju Samson and Deepak Hooda are those cricketers who are playing exceptionally well cricket and is the perfect time for the selectors to try them in the Indian cricket team. On the other hand, both Yuvraj and Dhoni have to think about their poor performances and have to give chance to young cricketers openly. We hope BCCI is listening!

  1. Both can’t play ODI World Cup 2019

At the least, if we imagine for the ODI World Cup 2019, we can think about one player between Dhoni or Yuvraj could be the part of playing eleven, but imagining both seems very unimaginative. For an example, Dhoni had more chances of playing ODI World Cup 2019 because he’s a wicketkeeper, was captaining when India won last time and could help Kohli as well. On the other side, Yuvraj Singh has to struggle really very hard to keep himself in the team for the extensive time. The only benefit Yuvraj Singh could have would be if he’ll keep on playing with his typical style, which is still way better than the current playing style of Dhoni. One should be dropped from India’s ODI team at least.

Opinions on Yuvraj Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni by some legendary cricketers:-

  1. Adam Gilchrist

The legendary Australian opening batsman suggests that India must go for talent hunting as the Champions Trophy is over. In an interview with India Today, Gilchrist said that the decision time for the selectors will come soon. “India like rest of the nations will have the challenge of working out what the right balance will be. Guys like Dhoni and Yuvraj need to work out themselves if they have the motivation to continue that long. They need to be in conversation with the captain, the selectors, and the board. I don’t think they need to make these decisions right now but they will be talking about them in the next couple of months to work out what the best direction is,” said the legendary Australian skipper.

  1. Rahul Dravid

The former captain Rahul Dravid said that the time has come for India to take decisions while keeping the 2019 World Cup in mind. When asked about the future of Dhoni and Yuvraj, Dravid told ‘ESPNCricinfo’ that “It is a call that is got to be taken by the selectors and the management.” “And what they see as the road map for Indian cricket, and where they see the role of both these cricketers going ahead for the next couple of years. Is there a place for both of them? Is there a place for only one of them? Do you want to reassess it in a year’s time, six months’ time? Do you want to look at the available talent and see what they have to offer before going back to these two players,” Dravid added.

“They have taken a decision to go to the West Indies with a full-strength squad. I really hope they are willing to experiment at least in the playing XI and give more opportunities to people. If you don’t do that, suddenly you don’t want to come to a situation and, say, in a year’s time, where you say, ‘We haven’t given people chances so these are the only guys we have got. It is nice to have Kuldeep Yadav coming in. He needs to be given a lot more game time. He has got the ability, he has got a bit of mystery about him,” he further elaborated.

  1. Ajit Agarkar

The former Indian pace bowled said to the ESPNCricinfo that “I am not quite sure M.S. (Dhoni) and Yuvraj can both bat at 4 and 5”. “It is not because of the final (that I am saying this); it is almost putting too much pressure on the top three to get the bulk of the runs. Maybe Yuvraj is better off batting lower down at this stage than at No. 4, where he can go and bat freely. Four and five are pretty evident. Virat Kohli played an extra sixth batsman — you have a (Hardik) Pandya with that kind of hitting ability, (Ravindra) Jadeja can bat, (Ravichandran) Ashwin can bat, Bhuvneshwar Kumar can bat — you still play that sixth batsman as an insurance because you are not quite sure of your four and five,” he added.

“They have been Indian greats — M.S. and Yuvraj — but whether they fit in at four and five long terms, or looking at 2019 World Cup, is something Virat Kohli will have to answer. Those are such key spots that you don’t want to then put your team under pressure or top order under pressure, and then pick a batsman at No. 6 for insurance. I am glad they have picked Rishabh Pant for the West Indies (tour),” Agarkar concluded.