BJP Leaders Quit Over Castle Trade Ban in Meghalay


Bachu Marak, the BJP president from North Garo Hills district  has resigned from the party over the Centre’s ban on the sale of cattle for slaughter in market. This resignation comes four days after West Garo Hills district president Bernard Marak made an exit from the party on the same issue.

Last night, after resigning from the party, Bakchu said ,” I can’t  compromise on the emotions of the Garos. As it’s my responsibility to protect the interest of my community. It is part of our culture and tradition to eat beef. BJP’s  imposition as non secular ideology on us is not acceptable.”

Bachu Marak has submitted his resignation to state’s party president Shibun Lyngdoh. Marak proposed a bitchi known as rice beer and beef party in the Garo Hills recently  on his Facebook page to mark the three years of Modi government in office and had attracted party’s  criticism. Nalin Kohli, BJP spokesperson had warned of stringent action against Bachu.

Later, on another Facebook page, announcing his resignation from the party he said,” our cultures and tradition is my first priority and Party’s Last priority. Then Why Everytime the beef is the main  issue and why not chicken, pig, goat and other animals is an issue.

Bernard Marak  resigned from the party, who is organizing a beef party at the Eden Bari, Tura on June 10 and Bachu is expected to participate in the event. He said, ” In Tura, i will attend the beef party to register our voice against such moves.”