CBSE NEET Result Declarations: Fate to be Decided by Supreme Court on June 12


Everyone must be aware of the controversies with which, CBSE NEET is surrounded by these days. Well, there is a good news for the CBSE NEET and the students who have given CBSE NEET examination in the medical field as The Supreme Court, which had earlier denied to hear any plea from CBSE NEET, is now ready to hear the plea from CBSE for declaration of NEET results. The Supreme Court, agreed to hear the plea, after Additional Solicitor General Maninder Singh requested for an urgent hearing. The SC today announced that the SC will hear the CBSE NEET plea on June,12. CBSE NEET results were put on hold after a medical aspirant pleaded that the question paper for vernacular languages in the national level exam were not uniform, in Madras High Court. CBSE had recently asked Madras High Court for vacation on stay on NEET results.

Vacation bench of Justice Ashok Bhushan will be hearing the plea of CBSE NEET. The court will also hear the plea to transfer the NEET related cases which are pending before the Madras and Gujarat High Courts.

The plea submitted at Madras High court seeking re-examination citing that the difficulty level of question papers in regional languages were tougher than english. Similar allegations had surfaced from Bengal and Gujarat too. Aspirants there also witnessed that the question papers of Gujarati and Bengali language were different and tougher than those of english and they also found some translation mistakes.

Madaras High Court hurled a series of questions on CBSE regarding their NEET exams. The questions raised by High Court are:-

1.Is it possible to determine the calibre of the students by a single NEET examination conducted by CBSE?

2. When the questions are set up by CBSE, will it not be easy for the CBSE students and difficult for the non CBSE students?

3. Would it not enable the CBSE students who constitute only about 5-10% of total candidates to grab the maximum number of seats in the medical admission, as question papers are set up based on CBSE syllabus?

4. Is it not necessary to provide level playing field to all the students while conducting NEET examination by CBSE?

5. Whether the exclusion of academic performance in Class XI and Class XII examination           would not make the students non-serious about their school studies and concentrate only       NEET?

6. Will it not be appropriate to combine the Class XII marks and NEET marks in equal                  percentile to determine the calibre of the students more accurately?

7. Would it be possible for authorities to conduct the NEET examination continuously along         with Class XII examination?

8. Would not the considering of NEET examination marks alone for medical admission make       room for mushrooming of coaching centres?

9. Why not the authorities prescribe uniform syllabus for physics, chemistry , biology and            maths throughout India? 10. Is it not essential to train teachers in the new syllabus for          physics, chemistry, biology and maths?
11. Whether or not the TN government responsible for dilution of standards in education, as          it had not taken any steps to revise the syllabus?
12. Why not the state government appoint well trained teachers in all the schools to prepare       students for NEET?