New Education Reform is all Set to Come UGC and AICTE to be Replaced by HEERA


Modi government is all set to bring the big -bang education reform in the system by scrapping the University Grant Commission (UGC) and All India Council for Technical Education (AITE).

As reported by PTI, The proposed Higher Education Empowerment Regulation Agency (HEERA) is aimed at eliminating overlaps in jurisdiction and removes irrelevant regulatory provisions.

It was felt that regulatory bodies led to excessive and restrictive regulation and hence contributed to lack of institutional autonomy. Thus, both Nitiayog and HRD ministry officials are working on the plan to remove the UGC and AICTE from regulatory bodies.

The HRD ministry is working with Nitiayog to bring the technical and non-technical branches under the same umbrella, According to sources a detailed blueprint of the regulator and its legislation is worked upon.

According to the report published by Economic Times Senior officers who spoke off record told ET that, “the work is on the rapid pace to form the HEERA legislation.” One senior official said replacing  UGC and AICTE will be the “cleanest, most sweeping reform.”

The idea of replacing multiple regulatory bodies with a single body is not new. Earlier Yashpal Committee and the National Knowledge of UPA era and HARI GAUTAM Committee setup by this government has proposed the same.

HEERA is aimed at putting an end to the inspector raj and harrasment that the UGC regime is associated with and this new body will also be empowered of taking strong penal decision, when necessary. Bringing new reforms and replacing UGC and AICTE acts may be a time consuming process. As soon as this gets implemented, this UGC and AICTE would be the matter of the past that will be remembered by all.