Police Case Against Shahrukh Khan, Fan Died While Promoting Raees in Vadodara


Shahrukh Khan “The King Khan” of the bollywood industry. King of millions of heart also gets in trouble sometime, There is no doubt to say that he is the hero for millions of lovers but sometimes he also gets into troubles, and this is not for the first time but these types of accidents keep happening with him. As sometime he gets into the trouble because of his statements that cause the problems, or the other time his own stardom becomes a thing to deal with.

At the release of his last film Raees his marketing team decided that SRK should take a tour from Mumbai to Delhi, just to increase the craze among the fans, everyone was super excited after hearing about this tour.

As he started his tour from Mumbai in August (KRANTI RAJDHANI EXPRESS) fans gathered in huge numbers just to get a look of him. And it become difficult for the local cops to control the crowd, as it was a challenge for the local cops to control such a large crowd.

This incident happened long back a few months ago ,When SRK reached Varodara, thousands and thousands of his fans were waiting for him just a get a look of SRK. This huge crowd went out of control which lead to a death a person and also two policemen got badly injured.

As per the report we come to know that Tarun Barot, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Western Railway) has suggested that a case is should against SRK and Excel Entertainment Pvt Ltd, under IPC section 304a2 (causing death due to negligence), the accident which took place at time when prompted his film “Raees”. A report has  been filed before the Judicial magistrate on 17 April.

The complain has been lodged by Jitendra Solanki and he blames SRK and his team for that horrific situation according to him the accident take place because the safety and security guidelines were ignored by them.- said Jitendra’s Lawyer.

He further added that ” If Shah Rukh Khan had not thrown T-shirts, balls and other things towards his fan, then such incident would not have taken place. So Shah Rukh Khan with the Owner of Excel Entertainment Pvt Ltd Mumbai, should be booked under the IPC sections 279 (rash and negligent act), 336 (act of endangering life or personal safety of others), 338 (causing grievous hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others), 304a2 (causing death by negligence) and sections of Railway Act 145,152,175 and 179.”

Things which are meant to happen will always happen no one have control over such things. The excitement turned into a bad experience, We all waiting for more updates, as the fans don’t want to see their SRK in trouble. We can only hope that things should get better for him.