A Man Shot Dead In Bihar For Meeting Fiancee Before Marriage


On Monday, a young man has to pay his life just for meeting his fiancée a month before they were to get married. The man named as ‘Manish Patel’ was shot dead for meeting his fiancée a month before they getting married, which was against a tradition and that’s what enraged girl’s family to kill him. According to a villager, Manish was meeting his fiancée at her home in Kaimur district’s Dumdum village on Monday, which angered her two uncles.

The eyewitness said that one of the uncles shot Manish in his chest. “An altercation ensued and one of the uncles whipped out a pistol and shot Manish in the chest. His fiancée and her father immediately took him to the government hospital at Bhabua, where he died during treatment,” eyewitnesses said. Manish had fallen in love with her fiancée before their parents agreed to the marriage. The engagement ceremony was done last month and they were all set to get married on June 6. The family of Manish is allegedly saying that their son died because of the negligence of the hospital.

Adding to it, they took away the body of the victim and blocked the traffic at Bhabua’s Jaya Prakash chowk and started protesting against the killing and against the hospital for their negligence in the treatment. The Station House Officer of Bhabua Rakesh Kumar Singh said that the case has been registered against the two uncles of the girl on the statement of the victim’s father. The police also used force to scatter the protesters. The SHO also said that the Police are conducting raids to arrest the accused.

Source: HT