A Woman In Bareilly Has Been Given Talaq Thrice In Last 12 Years


Tara khan a 35 year-old woman who has given triple talaq from her past three marriages and now it is totally terrified that her fourth husband too would leave her in the same way. She said,” The past 12 years experience was a nightmare for me and I have nowhere to go if this happens again.”

Tara khan is a illiterate women, whose first marriage was with Zahid khan, a resident of Tahaka Nagaria village in Bareilly. Tara said,” we never had kids in seven years of marriage and my husband married a younger women and gave me triple talaq.” When her first marriage ends she started living at her relatives house.

When she was at her relatives house  her aunt fixed her second marriage with pappu khan who is the native from ghunsa village.  For second talaq Tara said, ” pappu always used to assault me and one day when I resisted he used dreaded words and left me.” And in this way Tara’s second marriage end up in three years.

After second talaq , she shifted to her maternal uncle’s house. Recalling her 12 years of experience Tara said  ” My uncle and cousin asked me to remarry again because I have a long life ahead and I would definitely need a partner in life. On my uncle’s persuasion I married sonu of Ghundapur but this time again Sonu turned out to be violent wife beater and one day he beat me and left me at my uncle’s house. Just at gate before he turned to take talaq and gave me triple talaq. ”  Her third marriage could only last long for four months only.

Though she was reluctant to marry fourth time her family managed to convince her family for fourth time and again she married Shamshad alias Nanhe in July last year for the fourth time. Rolling down tears on her face Tara said,” Now things have got very bad for me and I’m terrified if Shamshad leaves me this time. My brothers who think that I bring embarrassment to family and now they do not want to keep me either. I do not want to want this marriage to end up but Shamshad is doing the same as others do .”

He asked,”  Tell me where does a Muslim Women go? I had enough problem in last 12 years and don’t have power to fight with  anyone and anything anymore.”

Shamshad and Tara have been going through a family counselling centre at police station in Bareilly. She said,” if it needed, I will take up this matter to prime minister Narendra Modi and UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath because I want my husband to keep me with him.”

Family Police counsellor, Khalil Qadri said,”  we are trying to sort out all the difference that arise among Tara and Shamshad and trying to unite them and and would not let them to divorce. Police counselor said ,” When we contacted shamshad he said he is in Badaun and cannot comment about the matter now.”

Source: TOI