After The Hideous Incident of Rape ‘SHE’ Takes Metro With Dead Baby


Crime against women have been alarmingly raised in this country. A recent case of gang rape and murder has came into light, raising a biggest question on the security of women  in this country? A 19 year woman was allegedly gang raped by three men in an autoricksaw and her 9 months old daughter was thrown out from the moving auto. After the unimageinable barbarism she suffered, she took a metro from yellow and violet lines on May 30, carrying her 9 months old daughter’s body in her hand.

This hideous incident took place on may 29, when the 19-year-old woman left her house in Khandsa village in Gurugram to go to her in-laws house after a fight with her neighbours. She was raped by three men in an autorickshaw- the driver and other two co-passangers of a sharing auto, in which she had stepped with her daughter, in the series of incidents she saw one of the rapists throwing her daughter out of the autoricksaw, which left the 19 year old stunned.

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It was past 2 am and nobody was there to help her. The woman then waited till the dawn, holding her motionless baby in her arms, before she got into an auto-rickshaw for her in-laws place in Old-Gurgaon, where she was informed by the doctor that her daughter had died.

She found it hard to believe that her child had died, so she took the metro for her parents house to Tughlakaba, along with her father-in- law. There also doctor announced to her, that, her child had died. Then again she headed back to Gurugram, this time to file an FIR against the criminals. At police station her husband was waiting for her.

The devoid mother and the rape survivor lodged her FIR at Manesar police station. According to the police report, She has left the house in surge, along with her daughter after a fight with her immediate neighbours. She had not wanted to spend a night there ( a village near IMT, Manesar) in the tensed artmosphere as husband was away from the house.

After she left the place, she got a lift from a truck driver at NH-8 but she got off the truck, as she discovered that the driver was drunk and was harrasing her. After the truck ride of few minutes, she waved for a sharing auto- rickshaw which was headed towards the Gurugram. In the auto two men were sitting at the passanger seat, she got into the auto, unaware of the situation, that, this auto ride will become the most horrifing auto ride. The ride became horrifying when the auto driver took the U- turn on the highway, before Kherki Daul toll plaza.

The two men in the passenger seat then started making sexual advances at her. The baby was crying but that only irritated them, made them more aggressive. “Some distance after taking the U-turn, the driver stopped the auto and said to one of the other men, ‘Hari, khaana la’ (Hari, bring food),” says the FIR, quoting the woman. They then drove on to IMT Sector 8 where she was dragged out of the auto, to a vacant plot. One of the men had snatched her daughter away and covered the baby’s mouth with his palm to stop it from bawling. The men took turns to rape her here. Each time, one person held the baby. When they were ready to leave, one of the men threw the crying baby at the concrete median verge of the road. “I became numb from that point. All I remember is seeing my child’s head hitting the road divider,” the FIR says, quoting the 19-year-old.

After the whole incident, the woman walked down the road with her baby in her arms and reached Pencil Electro Ltd. factory, where guard asked her to wait till dawn and the escort her to an auto in the morning, which took her to Khandsa road, where her in-laws lived. She was more concerned about the condition of her baby, she did not tell anybody what happened with her till later in a day.

She did not have a cellphone on her. Her husband came to know what had happened from his father after she reached their place. He went to the police, who told him to ask his wife to return immediately to Gurugram from Delhi with the child’s body. At MG Road station, SHO Narender Singh was present to escort her.

“My family has been shattered,” the woman’s husband told TOI on Tuesday. “I was mourning my daughter when my wife revealed about the gang rape. I want the police to make the arrests quickly.”