“One Last Chance” to Deposit Old Currency Note 500 & 1000, SC to Govt


The Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the Centre Government to tell whether citizens will get another chance to deposit demonetised notes. The Supreme Court has given 2 weeks of time to the government.

In the apex court, the centre virtually agreed to give a chance and said that,  it is ready to examine “the genuineness of each case” involving people who still have old currency notes.

The Supreme Court while expessing the thoughts on this issue said that, “You cannot trash a person’s genuine hard-earned money and let it go waste like this… you had promised them a window, now you can’t go back on your word to those who had genuine difficulty.”

The Centre demonetised Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes on November 8. It gave citizens until December 31 to return their old currency notes. “If a person can prove it is his money and he/she had real difficulty in depositing by December 31, he must get a chance to change them,” the apex court said.

Upon these directions from the top court, solicitor general Ranjit Kumar sought a compromise. He requested the court to not direct the Centre to open a general window for everyone. Instead, he said the government “is agreeable to examine case by case” instances of citizens not having had the chance to deposit their old currency.