EVM Show In AAP Delhi Assembly, 25 Dummy Runs, 2 Months of Preparation


A team of an IIT graduate, tech experts and MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj, who is also  a computer engineer were working from  the last two months to crack the secret code  through which, Aam Aadmi Party claims that the  electronic voting machine could be hacked.
This investigation  process took place after the AAP lost the Punjab elections in March but the investigating  team got the success last week when they claimed to have successfully hacked a replica of an EVM.

However the party refused to reveal that secret source of the EVM Tempering and the method that how they prepared the replica but challenged that the Election Commission to give them voting machines so that they could show how to hack them. Bhardwaj said,” There are lots of good people with good intentions are behind it and part of our system and  Exposing them publicly  will be dishonoring them,” he added, “If you have noticed  past few months tweet of chief minister, people will realise that we were working on this for few months.”

He said after breaking the secret  code, last week the team carried out dummy runs  25 times.  After reaching at the assembly he and his team carried a test run to avoid the glitches that come in the way. According to AAP source,” Election commission  imports parts of EVM from Japan and the US and there is no science behind it. As per the reports, in 2009, around 4,000 EVMs were stolen in Vijayawada and few of them were later found in scrap. If an EVM can reach the scrap market then it can  also reach a technology enthusiast”.

Bhardwaj said in the assembly,” Due to BJP,I leave my engineering job and this time again, because of the BJP, I am  involved in engineering Job. Democracy totally dependent  on the election process and if a simple engineer like me can hack an EVM, it is really an easy task for well trained engineer to hack EVM.” Before the poll, the officer usually calls all candidates  to shows that all  EVM are safe and also  on the day of voting it calls polling agents and to check EVM machine by conducting  a mock test.

Bhardwaj added, “It’s during the voting process when EVMs are hacked. For a short time, if the BJP changes the motherboard of an EVM and  BJP member can enter the polling booth as a voter and enter the code and due to which every vote cast will go to the BJP. There are different codes for the party and for every constituency.” He added that if you give us the machine for three hours and leave the seat then you will not be able to win a single booth
VV Rao, an election watch activist and the main petitioner in the Supreme Court on EVMs was present in the assembly. Manish Sisodia thanked him and said, “He is our technocrat expert , who wrote  book on EVMs and  fought that movement for eight years.”