Gorkha Janmukti Morcha Calls, Raid on GJM Chief House


Today the police raid some of the Gorkha Land, as from the last few days we have been hearing about the communal disputes going in the hills of Darjeeling.

The Police raid some of the places of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM), Chief Bimal Gurung place and arrested some of his activists party members who were protesting against the Bengal government, calling an indefinite shutdown in Darjeeling Hills.

Many sharp weapons, like coss-bows, a huge cache of arrows, explosive bombs, one country-made pistol,  Khurkis, axes and cash have been recovered during the raids at Singmari and Patlebas areas in Darjeeling, In this raid many people who work under Gurung and some other GJM activist leader got arrested as they were got red handed while doing such crime, this explosive materials are very much harmful for human life as it can effect large number of lives within few seconds.

One of the senior police officer who was the part of the raid said on a PTI, while keeping in mind about current situation -” We conducted raids on the basis of concrete information. The raids are still on process and more are yet to be discovered, they are working hard on it.

SP Akhilesh Chaturvedi, Darjeeling said “We had information about areas were GJM workers work and we raided at three places and recovered many bomb- making ingredients and lethal weapons, investigation is still on and the legal actions will be carried by us for this entire incident.”

But the police denied the fact that Gurung’s residence has been raided. Roshan Giri, GJM General Secretary said-” Gurung has been infuriated by the raids, as the act of the police has increased his anger and due to that reason he called an indefinite shutdown, today at the hills of darjeeling.
Giri also added in his PTI that- ” the government is playing a bad politics with them, its like a act of witch hunting. They blame government for this act, as the government provoked them to call an indefinite Strike in hills. They will be going to the central level government with the complains about the atrocities of state government.

After the raid people deliberately started crime act by lighting fire and broke the ill mannered clashes. A havoc spread around there with few hours. People started throwing stones and a police outpost in Kalimpong  was torched by the protestants. Some with posters started using slingshots and in a heavy voice raised the slogans saying this will turn into another Kashmir.

From the very beginning it was decided by GJM that they are going to protest by holding rallies today in different parts of Darjeeling, So heavy armed police is seen in Singmari and Patlaybas  yesterdays morning,  across major section of roads to prevent untoward incidents in Darjeeling

GJM claims police for preventing the assembly, It was Scheduled by the Womens Morcha that they will be holding rallies today, against the injustice they are facing. After the raid GJM Chief Gurung had gone underground. Tamang made a statement saying ” These are mere bows and arrows and crakers which are not illegal to possess. It’s just  police is trying to frame them wrong”

On a protesting act at Chowk Bazar on tuesday, stones were pelted to the policemen and for that they resorted to lathicarge. GJM  simple protest which first began in Darjeeling against the “imposition” of Bengali on hill people, took a u-turn with the party now demanding a separate Gorkhaland, Due to which the pressure on west bengal government has increased.

Gurung said in front of media on Wednesday- “It is not only a matter of tourists. They should try and avoid Darjeeling. Our agitation will go on. Let CRPF and Army men be deployed.” With a demand of new state there agitation keeps on increasing as they don’t want tourist to visit there place  and there demand for the new land will continue.

Darjeeling MP S S Ahluwalia to the Union Home Ministry to appoint a committee of experts for looking the demand of the Grokha people. State chief Minister Mamata Banerjee met the governer Keshari Nath Tripathi on Wednesday and appointed C Murugan as the new secretary of Gorkha land Territorial Administration (GTA) in the backdrop of the ongoing unrest in Darjeeling.

The “forced imposition of the Bengali language”,  leads to the new agitations and now have to transform the renewed demands of Gorkha people for a separate Gorkhaland.