India is Ready to Take Pakistan and China Simultaneously, Army Chief


In an interview with ANI, the Chief of Army Staff General Bipin Rawat sent a strong message to Pakistan, China, and other troublemakers within the country that the Indian Army is fully prepared to deal with it. “Indian Army is fully ready for a two-and-a-half front (Pakistan, China, and internal security requirements simultaneously) war,” said General Bipin Rawat while speaking to ANI. These words came from the General Rawat at the time when cross-border infiltration has been increased from across the line of control (LoC) and Indian Army is fighting with it on a daily basis.

Even on today, the armed forces killed as many as 2 terrorists and one Jawan was martyred as well. The Army chief also criticized Pakistan and said that they are spreading lies about the situation of the ground reality. “Pakistan generated social media propaganda is spreading disinformation among the youth of Kashmir,” said General Rawat. Talking about the situation of the Kashmir, the Army Chief sent the positive message among that “Condition in Kashmir will improve soon”. Talking about the upgrading equipment of the Indian Army, the Army Chief said that the armed forces are always IN the best condition of readiness. “We keep raising our modernization issues with government, and it is going well. We as the army maintains a balance, obsolete (30%), obsolescence (40%) and modern equipment (30%),” said the Army Chief Rawat.

Rawat also talked furthermore about the ways to resolve the condition at the border and said, “There are effective mechanisms available to defuse an adverse situation.” While talking to ANI agency, the Army Chief also said that the PM also stated that not even a single bullet has been fired on the Indo-China border. He said, “Even PM has stated that for the last forty years not even a single bullet has been fired on the Indo-China border,” The Indian Army Chief paid tribute on June 3 to the Indian Soldiers who lost their lives in an attack on the Army convoy in Jammu and Kashmir’s Qazigund area. “For a soldier, work is his religion. Therefore, we are often told that work is worship. We must all pay our respect to them. Gathered to pay homage to these 2 brave soldiers who laid their lives in the call of duty in Kashmir yesterday,” the Army Chief Bipin Rawat said.

This incident occurred just a day after the Indian Army had met with the Army Commanders at the XV Corps headquarters. Rawat also comes out in the support of Major Leetul Gogi. As per the PTI, General Rawat said on May 28 that security forces need innovative ways to fight the ‘dirty war’ in Kashmir. “This is a proxy war and proxy war is a dirty war. It is played in a dirty way. The rules of engagements are there when the adversary comes face-to-face and fights with you. It is a dirty war…. That is where innovation comes in. You fight a dirty war with innovations,” added General Rawat.