Lalu New Controversy, Confused About his Son’s Age, Who is Elder and Younger?


RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav is confused regarding the age of his sons. He does not know who is younger in both sons and who is elder. On Wednesday, in Patna, Lalu addressed his elder son Tejpratap as younger. There is no doubt that Lalu’s elder son Tej Pratap has smaller post in Bihar in comparison to Lalu’s younger son Tejasvi Yadav. Tejasvi Yadav is Deputy Chief Minister in Nitish government while Tej Pratap Yadav is the Health Minister.

Not only in the statements but in the given to the Election Commission, there is a dispute over the age of Lalu’s two sons. According to the affidavits given to the Election Commission , Lalu’s younger son, Tejasvi Yadav is much older. Even though being a elder son, Tejpratap Yadav’s age has been shown to less.

Bihar BJP’s big leader Sushil Kumar Modi, who was involved in bringing the truth of Laloo Yadav and his family in corruption, had met a delegation and  Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi and accused  Tej Pratap of giving false affidavit. Sushil Modi has  demanded criminal prosecution on Lalu Yadav. He also demanded to cancel his Assembly membership

The controversy over the age of Lalu’s sons is not new. The issue was raised even during the Bihar assembly elections 2015. The affidavit that was given in the Election Commission during the assembly elections showed that the age of the eldest son was less than the age of his younger son. According to the affidavit at that time, the elder son TejPratap was 25 years old, while the younger son Tejasvi was 26 years old.