My Daughter Would Have Been Alive, If I hadn’t Faught With Neighbour: Gangrape Victim


It was Bas Kusla village in Manesar, nearly 22 km from Gurgaon, from where it all started. She ran away from her house after a tiff with her neighbour and her husband, midnight on May 29 and that followed the horrifying incident.

She told, “I wish I hadn’t argued with my neighbour that day. My daughter would have been by my side and I would have been spared the horror.”

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Sunita (name changed) said, “My daughter was playing outside my neighbour’s house while I was busy doing household chores. I heard my daughter wailing and when I ran outside, I realised that she (neighbour) had pushed her from the stairs.”

At that time Sunita where her daughter was and found her bleeding. She called up her husband for taking her baby to nearby clinic.

She said, “I didn’t even have money to take my child to any hospital. I first borrowed Rs 30 from a nearby shop and then took her to a clinic where the doctor did a dressing on my daughter’s hand. She had bruises on her neck as well.”

The time my neighbour came back to her house, her husband had also arrived when it was around 2pm.

As per a statement of her husband “he only asked that why she had pushed the baby when she and her husband started mistreating them and even threatened him to kill his wife and daughter.

The 21-year-old asked, “My neighbour(the lady) suddenly grabbed me by my collar and I pushed her and slapped her. She fell on the floor, and her nose started bleeding. But what would one do in such a case?”

Then Sunita told her husband to run away and said she would ‘manage’ the matter. When the husband escaped from the place and went to Naharpur village in Gurgaon at his friends place, from there her husband called up the police.

Sunita recalled, “I too climbed up to the terrace and jumped onto the other side with my daughter. I asked for help from the neighbours on that side, and stayed at their place till night. But the women then asked me to leave their place and suggested that I too run away.”

She said, “There was no one. I had to go.”

Sunita took a lift in a truck for going to Khandsa village in Gurgaon to her in-laws’ place. When the truck driver molested her, she jumped out of that truck along with her daughter.

Then Sunita took lift in their four-wheeler Tata Magic vehicle by the three men and instead of dropping her to Khandsa, they took other route in order to rape her at a vacant plot in Manesar. During this incident, the rapists allegedly smothered her daughter as she was crying. Police said that she died of asphyxia.

The neighbour said, “Sunita’s husband wasn’t talking. He was beating me up and even broke my nose. I kept telling him that I hadn’t done anything, but he wouldn’t listen.”

As per the neighbour’s husband his wife even suffered a miscarriage when Sunita’s husband kicked her on her stomach during the fight.

According to the statement of the Police, “the three accused have been arrested and sent on remand for two days for further questioning.”