Nuclear Deal to be Signed at Annual Summit in Russia By PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has landed in Russia’s St. Petersburg to attend the annual summit with President of Russia Valdimir Putin. It is expected that India and Russia may sign an agreement to build last two units of Kundankulam Nuclear Power plant with the help of Moscow. Apart from this agreement, India and Russia are expected to sign twelve other agreements in the sectors like Science and Technology, Railway, Cultural Exchange and other bussiness areas between private parties. The meeting of Prime Minister Modi and President Putin might result in the stronger bond between India and Russia and boost trade and resolve tension over shifting alliances between the countries. The two units of the plants with the production capacity of 1,000 MW of electricity will boost India’s Nuclear power generation.

This agreement was supposed to be signed by 2016 between these two countries but the line of credit extended by Russia proved to be the hurdle in the way. The Kundankulam power plant are being built by Nuclear Power Corporation of India Pvt.Ltd. and Atoms-troy expert, a subsidiary of Rosa-tom, the regulatory body of Russian Nuclear Complex.

Pm Modi WIth Russia President

“There is a lot of mutual trust and personal chemistry between the two leaders that has developed the last two years said,” Pankaj Saran India’s ambassador to Russia, told PTI. Later he also added that, “the leaders will take stock of the current relationship and discuss the blueprint for the vision of the future.”

Prime Minister will also attend the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum tomorrow. It is the first time that an Indian Prime Minister is attending the business summit.